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Kelsey Byers
In your garden, watchin' your pollinators...
In your garden, watchin' your pollinators...

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Saw adorable jaguar cubs at the zoo today - thee cubbos and mamma taking a rest in the sheltered part of their exhibit.  Amazing how many of their behaviors look like housecat behaviors; the boy cub kept lazily putting his forepaw onto his sister's side when he slept.  Mom woke him up with aggressive grooming, so he rolled onto his back - super cute!

I think the one in the front is Inka, one of the girl cubbos; behind her are her brother and Mom (can't see more than Mom's chest), and Arizona (other girl cubbo) is out of view on the shelf above them.  We're super-excited about these cubbos - their dad is a source of new genetic material for species survival project breeding, and these are his first kids!  Good job mama.

Dear google:

Please, for the love of all that is good, go back to the previous look?  You're  making my eyes bleed (or, at least, blur more than usual, and that's painful).

Oh, and - Officer Sean Collier - rest in peace wherever you are, and thank you for your service.  I wish your sacrifice hadn't been so needless, let alone had to happen at all.  Knowing that my loved ones on campus late last night were safe was a generous gift you paid for with your life.

Friends, family, and strangers in Boston - stay safe, and good luck.

First responders in Boston - thanks again, stay safe, and good luck.

The concept of door-to-door searches distresses me a lot, but so does the entire situation...

* hugs * for all.

I got spoiled by last week's weather - it was sunny all week.  Now it is rainy.  Silly deceptive Seattle!  On the plus side, cherry blossoms.

Anyone here have recommendations for good camera repair shops in either Seattle, WA, or Houston, TX?  The Ritz affiliate I was pointed to in Seattle has closed, and I need someone to take a look at (and probably take apart the lens assembly on) my Canon G10.  Worst case scenario it goes in the mail to Canon, but I need to tell them that it's unacceptable to replace it with, say, the G1X (the latest new model), since my camera has a macro focus range of 1cm and the G1x has a macro focus range of 20cm, and - guess what, folks - I take lots of photos of insects and flowers!


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Enjoyed in our household, causing several hours of hilarious entertainment and rolling-on-the-floor over youtube videos.

"The same Time piece then ended by taking Internet cats not seriously but simply srsly. “Or maybe we’re over-thinking it. ‘Cat videos are just cute,’ says [Nyan Cat creator Christopher] Torres. Indeed.” Except not indeed. Not even remotely indeed. Baby hedgehogs are also cute, arguably cuter, but they do not compete with porn for Internet real estate. One thing competes with porn, and that is cats."

Latest g+ annoyance:  I type (asterisk)expression(asterisk) when I want to indicate that I am doing something during a post or a chat (e.g. yawn), but g+ transcribes that as bold (makes sense given the original meanings of asterisk, slash, and underscore around words).  So I have to remember to use slashes instead... /sigh/ - not something really worth complaining about, though.  I'm just being a stick-in-the-mud.

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Our garden is doing very well at present!  Always so excited to see everything grow, and unlike when I was a kid, I really enjoy weeding :^)
(currently ready for harvest: zucchini, cucumber, nasturtium, corn, carrots, green onions, peas, beans, basil, herbs (several mints, oregano), kale, tomatoes, sorrel - the garden also contains marigolds, leeks, basil, fairy squash, spinach, turnips, rutabegas, beets, sunflowers, and garlic)

Things of which I approve:
Me: "Why are there these annoying "What's cool on Google+" entries on my home feed?  Can't figure out how to remove them in Settings."
G+: shows a ? button at the top of each entry.
Me, clicking: "Aha! A link showing me how to turn them off.  /swoons/"
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