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Simple Holiday Cleaning

With November upon us, soon it will be Thanksgiving followed by the craziness of Christmas. If your house is where your family meets for the holidays, you have the fun task of not only cooking, but also cleaning. This year don’t wait until the last minute to clean, but space it out over a few days. This way the task won’t appear so huge and you won’t be rushing around at the last minute.
Day 1: Focus on a room that no one really enjoys cleaning, the bathroom! Get down and dirty and scrub everything. Add any special towels that you like to have out for the holidays. Also make sure that your air fresheners are refilled – this will give them enough time to make your bathroom smell nice and clean!
Day 2: Clean your living room, dining room, and any room that your guests will be in, except for your kitchen. Do all of your dusting, vacuuming, and straightening up! If you haven’t already, add any special holiday decorations you like to have out for your gatherings.
Day 3: Get down and dirty in your kitchen! If your guests will be assisting you in your kitchen, make sure it’s clean! Mop your floors, wipe down your counters, give your oven a good cleaning and scrub down your other appliances.
Day of the event: Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or just a fun holiday gathering, the day is here! You probably have your day filled with cooking and baking but, thanks to this list, cleaning shouldn’t need to be on the list. You will want to make sure everything is straightened up, quickly wiped down, and that rooms are given a quick vacuuming. Here is where your significant other or children come into play. Give them the task of any quick straightening up, while you focus on the meal!
That is all it takes, three days to get your home straightened up before your big gathering! Utilizing an hour or two each day leading up to your dinner to focus on your cleaning will leave you less stressed the day of the event!
Kelly’s Kleaning is a full-service cleaning company. We specialize in residential, commercial, apartment move out and new home cleaning. We offer our cleaning services to individuals and businesses in and around the Reading area.
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Let’s Finish Up that Fall Cleaning!

In last month’s blog, we discussed organizing and cleaning as you go. Now that you have the hard part done, let’s get down and dirty and finish your fall cleaning!

* Wash your windows. On a cloudy day, get out your window cleaner and get to work. Why a cloudy day? It allows you to make sure there are no streaks. Also, take down and wash any window treatments. Just make sure to check the labels before washing!

* Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures. Show of hands, how many of you clean your ceiling fans and light fixtures often? Not many, I’m sure. Well, now is the perfect time! You might be surprised as to how much dust has collected there since you last cleaned them.

* Clean walls and cabinet doors. You may not notice it, but walls can get very dirty, so fill a bucket with warm, soapy water, grab a rag and get to work! If you didn’t wipe down the cabinet doors last month, do it now!

* Dust everything. Take your time and make sure you dust everything, especially – any areas you may not normally dust when you do your normal cleaning!

* Shampoo those carpets. Yes, we all vacuum our carpets regularly, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting all of the dirt out of them. Don’t have a carpet shampooer? No problem! Head to any local grocery store and you can easily rent one. You will be surprised how much dirt comes out of your carpet!

* Head outside for a few minutes. Do a quick fall clean up outside by cleaning out your gutters, cleaning the patio furniture, and draining and storing your garden hose. Or – give your hubby a honey-do list while you finish up the inside!

You can now jump for joy! Now that your fall cleaning is finished, your home is organized and super clean! Now all there is left to do is grab a glass of wine, sit back, and relax!
Kelly’s Kleaning is a full-service cleaning company. We specialize in residential, commercial, apartment move out and new home cleaning. We offer our cleaning services to individuals and businesses in and around the Reading area.
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Now’s the time for Fall Cleaning – Part One

As the seasons change it is a perfect time to do some fall cleaning in and around your house! One thing you need to decide is where to start first. I created a checklist to help you stay focused and on track as you clean. In this two-part blog I will share a few decluttering ideas and then we will get down and dirty on cleaning! So without wasting anymore time, let’s get cleaning!

* Clean and organize your closets. If you’re like me and you have lots of closets in your home, chances are they could use some attention! Start at one closet and work your way through your house; always finish one closet before you start the next! Go through each closet, organize your stuff and throw away anything that you haven’t used in the past year or two and can’t donate or sell. While you are decluttering your closet, wipe down any shelves and vacuum if needed. If you have a lot of closets, this may be a daunting task, but space them out over a few days and you will fly through them!

* Swap out your clothing. As fall sets in, flip flops, shorts, and t-shirts are replaced with sneakers or boots, pants, and hoodies. Now is the perfect time to pack up your spring and summer clothing and bring out your fall and winter attire. As you are doing this, do some decluttering and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past two years. If you are a spring and summer nut, try not to shed a tear as you are putting your shorts and t-shirts away – spring will be here before you know it!

* Clean out your attic/basement. Have you just been piling things in your attic or basement, thinking, “I will get to that later”? As the cooler temperatures set in, now is the time! Consider adding shelving units to better organize your items. Go through and organize your boxes, again getting rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore. As you are doing this, remember to sweep up the floors!

Now that you have your house decluttered, you are ready to begin the task of cleaning! Since you have been cleaning some areas as you go, I hope the thought of cleaning the rest of your house isn’t so scary anymore! I will be back next month with lots of ideas on how to give your house a really good fall cleaning! But until then sit back, relax and be proud of what you have accomplished so far!
Kelly’s Kleaning is a full-service cleaning company. We specialize in residential, commercial, apartment move out and new home cleaning. We offer our cleaning services to individuals and businesses in and around the Reading area
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Clean Your Kitchen Like a Pro

If you spend your evenings cooking dinner for your loved ones, you want to have a clean and sanitized kitchen! Sometimes cleaning a kitchen can be daunting, but it’s got to be done! I have a few great tips to help keep your kitchen spotless, and clean your kitchen like a pro.
1. Start at the stove. If you’re an avid cooker, the stove is most likely the dirtiest part of your kitchen. By starting at the stove, you will get all of that grease and dirt gone before you move onto other parts of the kitchen.
2. Sanitize your sink. Did you know a dirty sink has more bacteria than your toilet seat? Take time once a week to disinfect your sink. First, clean it with soap and water; then spray on a mist of vinegar, followed by a mist of hydrogen peroxide. Let it air dry. (Note: Don’t combine the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together; spray them on separately.)
3. Love your dishwasher. Once a week, clean the outside of your dishwasher with a damp sponge that has baking soda on it. Clean the inside by running an empty cycle with a dishwasher cleaner.
Fun Tip: Do you have stubborn stains you can’t get out? Run an empty dishwasher with Orange Tang and it will take the stains right out! (Note: This only helps to remove stains, not to sanitize.)
4. Disinfect your sponge. Every night take a few minutes to squeeze out your sponge and microwave it on high for one minute. As soon as your sponge starts shredding and smelling, throw it away!
5. Disinfect your garbage disposal. If you have a garbage disposal, you know there will be odors from time to time. To get rid of those odors and to keep it clean, drop in a cut up lemon, salt and a few ice cubes and run your disposal. Not only will it disinfect it but it will also make it smell great!
6. Tackle your floors. Sweep your kitchen floor every night at the end of the night. Then once a week mop it up. By sweeping it nightly you will pick up any dirt that could end up getting caked on the floor – dirt you would really have to scrub later to get off. Save your arms by doing a quick sweeping each night!
By utilizing these cleaning tips with your normal cleaning schedule, your kitchen will always be spotless and sanitized – which is what we all want!
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