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Kelly Wickham Hurst
Educator. Bon vivant. I am awesome every day.
Educator. Bon vivant. I am awesome every day.

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Illinois friends: you will want to check this site out at the .gov address to find unclaimed cash.

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I've been writing online for almost a decade. What I've come to learn is that owning your narrative is the most important part of the freedom of this journey.

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Kathryn Harris' portrayal of Harriet Tubman for the #MyUntold project @WellsFargo  #sponsored   

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For Dr. King Day today I wrote this piece as it has everything to do with raising smart and socially conscious kids.

I've spent almost an hour on Google+ trying to figure it out which can only mean one thing. The terrorists have won.

Today I saw a church sign that read "Redbox doesn't have it because Christ is giving it away for free!" and I just couldn't help myself from pulling over to laugh. Because, Christ? Giving it away for free? Are churches hiring bathroom stall graffiti artists now?
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