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Speed Tracer no longer requires special command-line flags.

"2. No special flags are required :)."

(I ♥ you +Jaime Yap [in a hetero way])
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Was waiting for you to notice it :). Change rolled out like a month ago. 'twas a fun way to spend a Sunday.

Sad part was the update auto-disables the extension for people because it's permissions changed. So the we took a hit in the install base phone homes (basically halved them). But it is slowly climbing back up to where it once was.
+Jaime Yap "You must be running the Google Chrome 18." So I cannot to be running the FireFox?
No. Unfortunately the FireFox does not work with the Speed Tracer ;).

Who reads the documentation anyway? :P
Thank you both!
And everyone else who helped!
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