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Fantastic news. Should have done this a year ago.
No wonder MS is making all those FUD commercials...
Rob M
It's about time. Sheesh
Yes please save tax dollars! But someone will scream that it's "Anti-American" to use free stuff.

Now we'll get logged web history of government officials!

Who said Chrome was free? There is a cost associate with any software in the enterprise. I wasn't aware Chrome had been certified for government use yet due to security issues? Did all that get resolved?
Suddenly Chrome is crashing a couple dozens times a day for me. I may be forced to go BACK to IE9. Damn.
keep laughing.........:)hahaha
Internet Explorer? Isn't that some 3rd world country? :)
If IE is gone how will I download my other browsers when none are on the new computer!?
I think so I can't get it to work without a bunch of errors and need to fixes.
Excellent, especially "We don't criminalize speech!"
Awesome news. Forza google chrome!!
isn't there some question as to the security of google chrome? i was under the impression that what made chrome fast was its lacking many of the security features that other browsers employ
Oh thank God... Now can all governments in the world please change your default browsers to something other than Internet Explorer, please? Pleaseee?
Not a good sign for Google as well, if it turns into a "Microsoft" :)
why are they changing? is it because of the recent p2@wn event?
I can tell you why they are changing. Um......politics? They must like being tracked on the internet. Google Chrome is the only browser that doesn't support the "Do Not Track" indicator in the http header. So much for national security. Also, I have not doubt that they are still running XP. That would force them to run an old, outdated version of the IE browser as well.

+Mark Bradbury. Google is offering this bounty because they ran scared from the p2@wn event.
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