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Thank you for sharing this great video.
How a penny take you to Mars?
Isn't it just a shift from government driving technology and space travel to private companies. Yes, its a hard pill to swallow but ultimately won't it provide more funding in the long run and opportunity to american that not more american i.e. capitalistic?
These are voice fragments of The Daily Show :)
Thank you. I have been telling people for quite a while that most discretionary spending (i.e NASA) has a negligible effect on our budget. I think what helped me understand that was 1000pennies on youtube. We have a hard time understanding large numbers, even numbers in the few thousands, so how can we comprehend numbers in the billions/trillions.
Is Neil on google+? Im bouts to look.
There's a profile with his name, but it isn't verified and doesn't have any posts...
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