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What. The. H. Fez keeps getting crazier and crazier. Some people just, oh, decided to check out the audio spectrogram of some of the tracks from the soundtrack, and found secret hidden images. How did people even think to try this? This game is so nuts.
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Unsurprising if you played the actual game. Which is on my top five games ever btw.
I have played the game, I still think this is crazy.
Yep. If you took the radio from each level to a certain spot in the level you heard a sound that could be decoded.
+Art Hollingsworth yeah, if you go to valve's website you see people discuss any updated portal2 sound and image file if there are clues regarding HL3 inside :)
Now that +Kelly Ellis knows how to include information into audio streams, we have to be alert: possibly she puts G+ code inside of sprites for the G+ api :)
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