This is my first attempt at sharing my work in this format.

Here is the first few paragraphs of my WIP a #romance set in rural New Zealand.  A publisher has requested the full manuscript of this after reading the first 3 chapters and synopsis, so I would love your feedback to aid me in polishing it up for the final submission!

The place was deserted when she pulled up.  It was strange, this place being so quiet.  Usually there were vehicles parked in the driveway, dogs running around barking, washing flapping on the line, maybe even sheep, men and dogs making a ruckus in the yards over the road.  Today, there were absolutely no signs of life, so she parked round the back out of the way and went in through the side door that was always unlocked.  
The house was equally deserted.  At this time of day, her father would normally be perched at the kitchen table with a pot of tea, reading the paper, talkback radio on in the background, and her mother would be complaining about the muddy footprints he had left all over the floor, and wondering aloud at how on earth he managed to get his socks so filthy when they were inside his boots.
“Helloooooo!” she yelled, loud enough to be heard all over the house, if in fact there was anybody home to hear it.
“In here love,” her mother called back from the master bedroom down the hall – the place where she spent much of her day now.  
“What are you doing here?” Anna winced.  Her father’s voice was cold, not welcoming in the least, and he didn’t meet her eyes.  Leaning on the doorjamb, Anna watched as he turned instead to take an unsteady sip from the straw in the glass on the table beside him and scowled as the water ran down his chin, uncontrolled.  Her mother reached for the cloth that lay next to the glass and moved to mop his chin, but he swatted at her hand.  “Leave me be, woman!” he grumbled.
“Well hello to you too, Dad.  Am I not allowed to come home and see how my father is doing?”  Giving him a huge smile, she hid the sadness she felt at his rejection with practiced ease.  
Her smile was not returned. “Depends on what you’re home for.  You never came and saw me in hospital, not once, and I was there for nearly a week.”
  “Sorry.  I meant to, but … You know how it is.  Work’s been busy.  Anyway, I’m here now.  And it was only 3 days, not a week!”  Resisting the urge to sit on the edge of his bed and hug him, she remained standing where she was, finding a strange comfort in the hard wood of the doorjamb digging into her back.  Her father had never been an affectionate man, and he seemed to be even less so now.  Better to stay where she was and put up with the discomfort of the doorjamb pressing into her spine than experience her fathers’ rejection close up.
“No, I don’t know how it is.  And it felt like a week.”  His words were slightly slurred, but if she hadn’t been listening for it, she wouldn’t have noticed.  He slurred worse than that when he got on the piss.  There was no love lost between them, even now, when she’d hoped they might be able to put their differences behind them.  Obviously it was going to take more than a stroke to get rid of his stubborn streak.
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