This is my snippet of my ##SSRomance #wip for this weeks #SaturdayScenes.
Last week I shared the first part of the romance I'm working on, this week the snippet is taken from a bit further on in the manuscript.
As last week, constructive feedback is appreciated - the full has been requested by a publisher after I submitted a proposal, so I want it as good as I can make it! Thanks! 
I look forward to reading everyone else's scenes!

This is written from Todd's perspective - the title is "Anna's Cowboy" - Todd is her cowboy :)

Todd lay awake for hours that night, thinking about Anna.  He was intrigued. And it wasn’t just her looks – although he did think her good-looking – it was something about her.  She didn’t like him, he knew that.  He didn’t know why, but she hadn’t liked him right from the start.  It was almost as though the effort required on her part to be nice to him was akin to death. The glare she’d given him when she’d first set eyes on him, the glare that she’d tried so hard to hide – was testament to that.
What is her problem? he wondered.  Had she come to help out on the farm?  That would be good – he could use a hand – it was a huge farm for one person to run.  They’d been doing ok before the old man went and had a stroke, but he was getting pretty far behind in everything now.  But he didn’t want to make trouble, so he just kept slugging away every day, trying to prioritise the most important stuff.  But the less-important stuff, the stuff that would make a difference in the long-run, he was falling way behind on.  So far behind, he didn’t think he would ever catch up.  Hopefully that Ag degree Anna had mentioned in the kitchen earlier meant she was armed with knowledge and ready and willing to work – if not, he’d have to talk to the boss about hiring him some help. He couldn’t just keep on like this, getting further and further behind. Causing trouble or not – he needed some help.
He liked it here, it was good to feel part of a family again; and indeed, he had felt like that.  Both Christine and Jack had welcomed him into their home, treating him almost like a son. I wonder why? It had never occurred to him as odd before, but now that he thought about it, it did.  Maybe that was Anna’s problem?  Was she jealous?  He was determined to find out.
Why had she come home?  What did she want? These thoughts were eating away at him, threatening his sense of stability.  Stability that had been a long time coming.  It was very rare for any of the foster homes he’d grown up in to offer him any stability; he’d been moved around from one place to another his whole life, and nowhere felt like home.  He didn’t feel as though he belonged anywhere.  Now he did.  Now he felt useful, important, as though he had a role to fill.  He filled it well too, he knew he did.  The place would have fallen apart without him when old Jack had his stroke without him there to keep things going.  Sure, jobs were backing up now, but that wasn’t due to his incompetence.  It was just a matter of there being too much work for one person to do.  
Was Anna any good on the farm?  An Ag degree didn’t count for much if she didn’t have the passion and practical nous to back it up. Her horse was beautiful, and she had one hell of a nice saddle, but that didn’t mean much.  Not really.  Was she intending to stick around, give him a hand?  Or was there a job waiting for her in the city?  She mentioned working while studying – did that mean she still had a job? Was there a city man beckoning to her?  He didn’t know why, but that last thought unsettled him a little.  Of course she would have a boyfriend.  Young women that good looking didn’t stay single for long, and she surely was good looking.  He’d been trying not to stare at her when he’d met her, he didn’t want to come across as rude, but he’d seen enough to know that he was attracted to her.  He’d nearly swooned at her freckles. He liked freckles. And her eyes – so clear and green, almost hidden under that long dark hair that fell over her face.  He’d been transfixed when she tucked it back behind her ears with slender hands decorated with hot pink nail polish. What was even more amazing was the fact that he’d noticed the nail polish – it wasn’t usually the sort of thing that caught his eye. She’s not going to be much good to me if she’s worried about chipping her nail polish though, he thought with contempt. But he soon smiled, thinking of her.
You’ve got it bad, boy! He did.  He had to admit it, he did.  He wanted to see more of Anna, and hoped she’d come home for good.  I could get used to seeing her around. The thought made him smile as he drifted off to sleep.
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