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This means war?
2012 was a big year for enterprise software, as companies began to more readily adopt technology to more effectively communicate and collaborate. It looks like 2013 may be an even bigger year, as in...
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Google Docs is all that 90% of the world needs AND it has free automatic cloud backup.  There was never a war, Microsoft lost it spending time on crappy products like Surface and Windows 8
What about Office 365? Skydrive?  You know Microsoft has Word, Excel, and all synced with Skydrive now.  There are web based versions of Office that Microsoft created.  I can sync a folder on my hard drive with my Skydrive, just like Dropbox and Google Drive. I can also open word documents inside of Skydrive.  I see Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote, and Excel Surveys as possible options for files i can create inside of Skydrive.  Give it a try. It sounds like you didnt know it was there.
Office 365 is too late to the party, in my opinion.  Especially when looking at the cost for outfitting an office with Microsoft versus Google Apps.  There is no licensing for Google Apps, which is a huge financial plus for any small business, let alone a large company.  And Google Apps scales seamlessly for large user bases.
Isnt there a per user fee for Google Apps for Business?  $50/user per month.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
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