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Never another kindle again. Wife finally gave up. Amazons products are sucking ass. Nook wwas better. Pure android best. Amazon better understand customers want interop.. Not a locked platform. Thats why macs blow ad well. Movies books and music now pure google. And google movies has a family option to share with 5 others. Rocking it.

Pop Tarts - one of the few things that taste as good now as they did when you were little.

Im still amazed at the lack of perception in people. Irony, sarcasm, and straight up mocking are being met with a level of literalism that is so odd

One last (maybe) thought for the day. Im moving more to G+ and off of FB. ITs too toxic. And i just moved to Chromecast - full media and music versions, and i like it a lot. Google Music lets me store 50K songs i have in my local collection for free. 50K!

Coming up with a plan to transition all the old Incarna materials into the new word press site. I still dont trust WP. Its is absolutely 100% NOT in the slightest what its cracked up to be unless you are a generic blogger with no desire for any technical capability. IT only has its presence on the web to recommend it as a platform for the untechnical. To do anything real with it takes research and an ability to delve into the technical world. Thats not an ability shared by people who wished to collaborate with me, putting all the pressure on me again and making it back to square one. Or two maybe, it gives a little bump up from flat HTML - but i can actually write that faster than using the editor in WP. sigh 

Thanksgiving. The hopeful history behind it not so great. The cultural imperialism it has to own, not great. I'm not in favor of revising it, just do away with it. Replace it with a different day of the year we can call "Feed your bloated face day" and make it a foodie holiday. I can get behind that!

Moving to Everett the 17th of September

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A friend of mine has released his current work on his on RPG system for free! Check out his web site here: - see the products page or go to drive through RPG site and search for "Krendel"
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