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Aww hooray! Double the awesome!
Awww !! your shadow looks like a cartoon characters head !!!
two pretty women. can't go wrong with that!
The guy behind you looks ready to play footbag :D
Dang, do you two get fined or thrown in jail when you stop up traffic when you get together?
Phwwwweeeewoooooooooooooooooooo (wolf whistle)
OMG... I could hugs the two of you in one big bear squeeze!! (and save you from +Wray Post! hahha) Das Girrrrls of Photogery!! loves.
Oooh +Karen Hutton, the pictures you just posted in my brain, about that hug, is illegal in many states ;-)
This just gives me NY envy! day, soon enough...
This is great, but not fair. I wasn't there!
+Vivienne Gucwa - I love you too, sister. ♥ Thanks for everything yesterday. Can't wait to do it again!

+Wray Post - ha ha ha! Aww, look at you, bein' all nice, too. What's wrong with us this weekend? ;-)

+Gord Bussiere - Just a little park. Not that impressive really. Ha ha ha!

+Sandra Parlow +Gilmar Smith +Jordan Oram +Gary Munroe - Aww! Thank you. We had such a great time together. :-)

+Kerry Murphy and +Karen Hutton - we loves you, too! Next time, you both need to be in that photo with us. And you too, +Ron Clifford !

+J. Scotty - Says the guy who lives in HAWAII!!! Maybe we should do a life swap for a week. Or two (or three).

+Peter Scharff - BAH ha ha ha! I didn't see that until you mentioned it.

+Rune Alnervik - Spring is SO wonderful! I hope you get yours soon!
There is a sloth missing from this image. Great shot, nice way to out hot the sun ladies ;)
THis is Ajay
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WOW!! two wonderful lady together ;)
plussed 100..... I want my bonus! :-)

Nice to see you in action!
Soooo cute together and formidable! Just look at that fused shadow. Solidarity. This is a keeper!
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