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Kelley is a fearless, non-fiction and self-help writer known for her raw and transparent style. She self-published all five books and her first one, Perfectly Planned (Overcoming Incest, Rape & Sexual Abuse) is now sold in four countries. She hopes to have her upcoming books, "I Fell in Love With the Dick 'cus I Thought Dick Was It" as well as "White Supremacy, The Virus that Infected America and Black People" released by Summer 2017. When Kelley isn't shocking strangers with her unabridged writing, she's most likely shocking her husband and son with pranks around their home.

​​​Kelley writes a monthly blog focusing on several different topics such as forgiveness, thoughts, emotions, relationships, healing and so much more that can be found at

Her passion for helping others in all aspects of life flows through her coaching practice, books and speaking engagements. You can find more information about her books by clicking below.

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Parasite & Yeast Cleanse

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I remember when I was about eight years old and had pin worms. My mother told me it came from overeating sugar. I learned later in life that the pinworms came from ingesting parasite larvae. One of two ways, either eating gum and candy off the ground or the chitterlings, pork feet and ears. What's more, I remember having ringworms several times. Ringworm is a symptom of yeast overgrowth. Sugar, fruit, and carbs (potatoes) feed yeast, and so the average amount that we have in our body becomes an opportunity to create dis-ease in our bodies.

Click below for more of the story. And I like to hear/read your comments.

Awareness saves lives and created better health.
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I've Lived With Parasites & an Overgrowth of Yeast for Over 35 Years
Thank you for stopping by as always my goal is to inspire and transform your life. Before I delve into this blog, I have a question for you. Have you ever eaten chitterlings when you were a child or an adult and did you enjoy them? I did, that is, when I wa...

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Parasites & Yeast are KILLING us. Watch this video. Did you eat Chitterlings as a child??
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