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hello world!
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Different place. Same people. :)
For what, I started a "hangout" and invited you.
yeah, downloads are slow for the plugin over a cellular connection. :)
i need to know what a "hangout" is before I go - you never know what may be there you first
Howdy! I'm learning my way around, just joined minutes ago! ;)
I'm so bad, I couldn't wait. I bought an invite on ebay for $2.99 LOL
hello kelley (Türkey) Merhaba kelley
don't make me come in here and poke you, mizzle.
I tried to "x 12" this... but apparently I can only "+ 1" it
Duffy Gillman if there's 9 planets, why would you need to say hello 12 times? or is it 8 planets now? poor pluto.
I love the plunger in your photo! No, i do not mean I love the fact that you have a plunger in your photo. I mean I actually love the plunger in your photo. And I'm single, so will you please tell her I'm available? And I'm really into plunging necklines. And plunging expectations.

Hi Kelley!
Aloha Kelley, It's great to connect with you!
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