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loving legal life
loving legal life

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Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma : )

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9 days till class starts! Excited!

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The outpouring of support and volunteerism continues to inspire--but our neighbors in Moore and Shawnee will need help for months and years to come. The Governor has set up the "Oklahoma Strong" Disaster Relief fund, managed by the trustworthy United Way of Central Oklahoma, to help provide this long-term aid. If you are still looking for ways to help, please consider this fund:

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I realize this is grounded in the concept of separate state rights, but I think it lacks foresight. If we can't for example limit out of state money in local elections, but we also can't rely on national journalism or national advocacy groups to help get information published regarding out of state contributions and other items of public interest, the system will get increasingly lopsided on the side of nondisclosure. 

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Sooner Tea Party co-founder charged with blackmail
... Al Gerhart, a co-founder of the Sooner Tea Party, has been charged with blackmail in connection with messages he sent to State Sen. Cliff Branan. ...

#oklahoma   #teaparty   #teapartyfail  

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Does Google just randomly stop working for anybody else? I'm getting this:

This webpage is not available
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.

UPDATE: It appears to be just me. But It's not my internet connection, because G+, Gmail, Bing, and random other websites work fine. Wtf?

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