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I'm always inspired by Rachel leading us in the Word of God! #EphesiansBibleStudy  +Real Refreshment Retreats +His Sunflower 
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Kela Nellums

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My site is undergoing construction. I'm working on re-directing posts. In the meantime, if you click on a link from anywhere in the world wide web to get to a post of mine, even if you get the error page, I promise that the post is still on my page. Using the search box might be the best way to find it.
I'm so sorry for the crazy and I hope that you'll stick around! smile emoticon
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Kela Nellums

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Are you insecure with your outer appearance?  Do you wish certain body parts were different?  More times than I care to admit, I’ve felt the same way. I wish I had a longer torso and a smaller waist, but that is not how God made me.  I’m all legs and…
Are you insecure with your outer appearance?  Do you wish certain body parts were different?  More times than I care to admit, I’ve felt the same way. I wish I had a longer torso and a smaller waist, but that is not how God made me.  I’m all legs and while some may like this, [...]
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For the past few weeks I've written a Saturday Morning post on my blog. I'm thinking of just posting here so that I don't have to format a full post but still share weekend nuggets with you!

My week has been "spirit opening". God has shown me so much of what I'm waiting for.
(…/plans-and-goals-are-they-in-hi… )

*On Tuesday I auditioned for my church's Worship Team! I'm excited to know the outcome soon!

*I had a marriage post go live for the #ChristianWifeUniversity community! (…/ )

*Inspiration Highlights: 
* The Quiet Fight Between Women Online Study (…/ )
** Wisdom for Wives Online Conference ( )
** Tony Evans' video, The Mercy of God ( )

Enjoy your Saturday!!
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Kela Nellums

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The official blog of Precept Ministries International
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Kela Nellums

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Have her in circles
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Kela Nellums

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No doubt warmer weather is a get-outside-and-play prompter!My kids are eager to get outside and play. The youngest son is even more ready to explore our new backyard!We use Notebooking Pages in our...
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Kela Nellums

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Kela Nellums

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You know that God has put a dream in your heart. Sometimes you just have to rest in the knowing and watch for His leading.
God planted dreams in me. He give me something to aim for; to glorify Him. Where I’ve erred is thinking that I have to figure out how I was going to make it all happen. I haven’t submitted my plans to Him. My dreams and des...
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Thank you for sharing that +Tom Tatum ! I appreciate it. Your last line about God changing your life in ways you never dreamed possible - not materially, but spiritually....
is most desirable!
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Kela Nellums

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The Praying Woman's Devotional {Review}
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+Kela Nellums
I have her 'little pink book' collection of several of the books including the Praying Wife, Praying Parent and use them almost every day. Yes, yes!
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What's a girl of God to do? Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly with Him ~Micah 6:8
Daddy's (Abba Father) Girl, Wife that's still crushin on her man, Home Educating Mom to half a dozen children, Friend, Encourager, Continually praisin' through song, Writer of a blog.
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