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Happy Birthday today to +Aygul Zagidullina. Hope you have a great celebration planned!

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'Tis the season for what exactly?  Rabbits, cats, toucans and other weird stuff?  Really, Google, if you're going to bother with a "Tis the season" doodle at all, at least make it relevant to the season you are mentioning.  This is worse than ignoring it

Today (26 November) is a birthday for +Patrick Whittick. Hope you have a great day, Patrick!

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Are you among those who say "What's the fuss about same sex "marriage'?  It doesn't really matter".  If so, please, please read this pamphlet and recognise that activists are taking the Australian Catholic Church to court for simply expressing its viewpoint.
Is this fair debate?
Disclaimer: I'm not RC, but I agree with every word in this pamphlet.

happy birthday to +Tito Dutta today 13 November

It's a birthday!  Happy birthday +Kevin Llewellyn 

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Ah well, while the weather is awful, at least our extravagant new Vergola is a benefit to some one

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If you have a heart, this will move you to help by making a donation to the RSPCA.  If you don't (or if you hate cats) you will probably think "What's the point?".  I'm in the first group.

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Learn why Israel is finally taking the hard line.
All Dana wants to do is be able to walk around her backyard without fear.
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