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Novel concept & Interesting but how practical is its use in day-to-day life and how cheap would the bloks be???
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FAMU Marching 100 band 1st Halftime show since reinstatement @ MEAC-SWAC Challenge game
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Clip #2 of FAMU Marching 100 band 1st Halftime show since reinstatement @ MEAC-SWAC Challenge game
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I was watching the game on ESPN and was wondering if you had made it out there.
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My Movie Reviews from my Holiday Watchlist.

Here are all the movies I watched over the holiday break. I finally got to watch all the movies on my watch list over the holidays after trying to do this for 4 years running now. Remember my ratings are based on a 10 point scale. My point of reference for perfect movie 10’s would be The Shawshank Redemption & The Bourne Ultimatum.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises: – Rating: 8.5/10 – excellent, excellent movie. This is a must see. This is by far the best movie of the trilogy. It’s so good it seems like it wasn't made by the same producers & director of the previous two movies. This was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time let alone all year. The villain is one of the best villains of all time. My cowrker described him perfectly that his voice in the movie was perfect intriguing and scary. He should get nominated for a Golden Globe for best voice work or something. Skip the RedBox rental & buy the Blu-ray to add it straight to the movie collection.

The Hobbit -  Rating: 6.5/10 - This movie is just "Okay".  If you want my real opinion, I would tell anyone wanting to see this movie to wait until all three movies are released and then see them all together.  This movie ends as a cliff-hanger in anticipation of the 2 & 3rd movies to be released in 2013 & 2014.  That said, it has no ending so you're literally left hanging. You sit there for like 3 hours only to be disappointed by the "no-ending" and a big "to be continued".  Sure the special effects are great but you can say that about all movies these days. The acting is good with familiar characters returning for this prequel to The Lord of the Rings.  I watched the Movie @ Downtown Disney in 3D in the new Dolby ATMOS surround sound with 100 speakers.  The sound experience is un-parralleled with all those speakers. I think the one enhancement I really noticed besides the loudness, is that you hear every surround sound all the time instead of just the lound explosures & airplane fly-overs. It still wasn't quite worth the $17 I paid for it.  They do have a tie-in to the LOTR's in this first Hobbit movie so fans of the LOTR trilogy will have a little something to be excited about.  There are scenes that just seem un-necessarily drawn out in the beginning (just like LOTR's) and there is one scene in which the good guys escape something that's death defying but they come away unscathed.  There's one other extraneous scene that involves mountains that adds absolutely nothing to the story so I still can't figure out why its in the movie. I won't spoil it with the details of that scene for those who haven't seen it.  Other than that, I didn't see anything that stood out in this movie.  It's just okay and not a "must see" in my opinion.  Wait until all three movies are out to see them all together.

Django Unchained: (The ‘D’ is silent - Ha) – Rating 7.9/10 – This is a really good movie. All the criticism that I was hearing prior to watching this movie was a little over blown to me. Now they do say the N’ word a lot in this movie (100+ times) but it wasn’t gratuitous use of the N word in my opinion. Sure, they could have used it less in the movie but it didn’t detract from the plot of the movie or the overall flow of the movie. I think it was realistic use for the times and I don’t think it was forced in the dialog. That being said, I thought the acting was excellent. All Black people are going to hate Samuel L. Jackson after this movie because he plays one of the best “House Negros” ever on the big screen. But his character is not completely realistic in the sense that a slave of his dark complexion wouldn’t typically be a “House Negro”. I thought the beginning of the movie was weak because Jamie Foxx played the worse slave I’ve ever seen. But it’s not all bad because he becomes free (or plays a free man) early on in the movie and he has that Black cowboy role down pact. I thought they would have been better served making the movie a full-blown western with Jamie Foxx as the lead as a Black Cowboy. That would have been a better plot to me. Once you see the movie, that comment will make more sense. Still the movie is worth the money to go see.

Savages – Rating: 7.7/10 – good overall movie with good acting. Yes we’ve seen this kind of plot before where the American selling drugs becomes really big and the Mexican drug cartels take notice and want a piece of their pie. Still it’s done in a good way. It was worth watching. It ain’t quite the movie Blow is, but good in its own right. If you want to see a better version of this kind of drug movie I would recommend Blow with Johnny Depth over this movie.

Lawless – Rating: 7.8/10 – another good movie. Acting was top notch. This starred the same person that played the bad guy in The Dark Knight Rises and he played in Inception (Tom Hardy), who’s a good actor that’s an up & comer in Hollywood. Plot was pretty good but nothing original. Bootleggers making moon-shine during prohibition having to fight back against corrupt cops wanting money. Nothing more needs to be said about this.

Sparkle – Rating 7.2/10 - a pretty decent movie and worth watching if there’s nothing better on. This was Whitney Houston’s last movie she made right before she died. Singing was top notch of course and the acting was pretty good. Worth a Red box rental for sure. Great for Movie/Date Night

The Watch – Rating: 6.8/10 – this one of those okay comedy movies. It is what it is. Ben Stiller & Vince Vaughn do their thing in the movie as usual and have some funny scenes. I expect this to be on Netflix soon so this is one of those wait until it gets on Netflix kind of movies.

Loopers – Rating: 8/10 – this is a pretty good movie. This is a unique spin on time travel in the future. I like the original plot in this movie and it seems well thought out & well written. Acting is really good. It stars Bruce Willis Jospeh Gordon-Levitt. I saw this at the discount movie theater so it was definitely worth the money. This would be a great weekend Red Box rental as well.
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Not in my household.  My kids hardly ever left my side so many of the movies I want to watch are inappropriate.
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Food was great, Service was Outstanding - Must Eat in Titusville Area So much to write, so much to say, where do I start. I'll just get right to it for those that want to know. The food was excellent but the service we had was even better. I can't say enough about how well the staff and mgt and chef treated us. We visited from neighboring Orlando because of a Groupon they had available. Little did we know that the Groupon had to be printed out to redeem it. Since we had traveled from Orl, the mgt (Thanks Melody) allowed us to use their printer to print our our Groupon and use it that day. I can't say that any other restaurant mgt would have allowed that. It was greatly appreciated. Now on to the food. Our party had a lot of different things on the menu. This is a soulfood and seafood restaurant that's very clean and nice inside. You can tell it's newly remodeled but nothing high-end. Just a family friendly atmosphere with family budget-friendly prices. I ordered the oxtails with rice. I can still taste those oxtails they were so good. Super tender with PLENTY of flavor. My two sides were the mac & cheese and the collard greens which staples that should be on any soulfood restaurant menu. The collard greens were pretty descent with clean flavors but not as good as grandmas for sure. If I had any "nits to pick" I would say it's the mac & cheese. It was just okay but didn't have the deep rich taste that you had at grandmas. It could have used a little more soul for sure. My wife had the smothered chicken & yellow rice and she said she liked it. The rest of my party had different fish dishes. The blacken Sheep-head fish was cooked to perfection. The blacken seasoning is flavorful and not spicy, and the fish was tender and juicy with the perfect sear on the outside. I can't wait to go back to try the seafood dishes for myself. For desserts we tried the sweet potato cake (must try), the banana pudding, and the peach cobbler. The cobbler more resembles a bread pudding but it's good so I imaging the bread pudding is just as good. I personally don't each banana pudding but I sampled it and it was also good. The rest of my party raved about it. The sweet potato pie was sublime. it was by FAR the best dessert. MMM MMM that was some good sweet potato cake, which I had never had before. It's a must try if you go. Chef Terry even came out un-announced and greeted us and we thoroughly enjoyed him. You're in good hands with Chef Terry. I will definitely make sure he's the Chef on duty when we go back, and we will be making regular visits over to Titusville for this hidden pearl by the sea. The waitress we had was pleasant and kind and answered every question we had for a party of 9 people (including kids). Any questions she couldn't answer, she was more than happy to go get the answers. She even had the mgr come out and assist us for our Groupon issue, which worked out. I can't say it enough, this spot is a must visit if you're in the Titusville area which includes Orlando & Cocoa Beach. You won't be disappointed by the food.
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I consider myself bbq connoisseur, so I had to check out any place that sold brisket. A lot of places calling themselves bbq restaurants don't even sell brisket these days. In my opinion, you're not a real bbq place if you don't sell brisket. Anyway, I've been to Texas Roadhouse several times. The decor is kind of classic southern or in this case old texas bbq-style joint. It has wooden picnic style bench tables and some booths. The food is served as a cafeteria style line. You walk through and pick out your meat first and then you pick your classic sides (bbq beans, collards, sweet potato casserole, etc). Last in line is desserts and drinks. They also have free soft-serve ice cream with cones. Let's get right to meat of the matter - brisket. It is tender but it's no where near the beast brisket I've had. To be honest the brisket did not taste moist or freshly made that day. It tasted like it was left-over or cooked the previous day and reheated. That maybe okay some places since brisket is an expensive cut of meat, but it doesn't make it taste any better. I've also had their smoked sausage which is really good. I don't know if I've had their chicken. Their original bbq sauces are okay, again not the best bbq sauces I've had. Over all this is a better lunch spot than dinner. You can get in and eat quickly and get out. If you want much better brisket/bbq, then go to FourRivers Smokehouse in Winterpark. Overall this place is just okay.
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Quaint little local eatery with excellent food and modern southern charm to match. This spot has a very unique decor that's very southern. It's laid back and casual for sure. Most of the people in the restaurant had on flip-flops and shorts. The place is clean with wood tables and the windows are garage doors that were all opened up the morning we went. That open feel is fine while you're waiting for your food but the flies come soon after your plates hit the table, so you're swatting your food constantly while you eat, which gets a little annoying while your trying to enjoy good food. Especially true when you have kids and you have to swat their food too. The staff was friendly and helpful with the menu for first timers. The service was good not great. I did wait on water refill and finally had to ask to get my cup refilled. Our food did take a long time to come out after we ordered it. The place was fully packed but it just seemed like we waited 30 mins for our food which was too long for the things we ordered. I think if your food takes longer than 20 mins than somethings wrong with the efficiency of the kitchen. I ordered the French toast that was stuffed with a Grand Marnier Creme cheese. It was excellent. It was almost like a dessert. It really didn't need any syrup but I added some anyway. My dish came with some homemade sausage. It had good flavor but was a little dryer than I'd expected. I also had the cheese grits which had really good flavor. We also shared their chicken & spinach folded egg (omlet). it was fine but nothing special. I've had better omlets before. We also ordered one of the snacks on the menu called the low-country egg-rolls with pulled port, collard greens & mustard bbq sauce. It was good with the mustard-based dipping sauce being tangy & spicy. Someone at the table suggested it should be served with a sweet & tangy/spice sauce instead. My kids had pancakes with homemade sausage patties and bacon. They seemed to like every thing they ate so I'd say that gets a kids thumbs up. Over all I'd give the dinning experience an 8/10. I have only minor cons that would be the decor of having garage doors for windows that were all open that invited flies in the restaurant while you're eating. Also our wait for our food after we ordered was too long. Other than that, I'd say go and enjoy good food.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Good
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Must Eat in Orlando. Red Velvet Waffle & Chicken is Sublime. This is my 2nd visit to Chef Eddies and we have not been disappointed yet. In fact my wife referred her uncle here from out of town & he raved about the oxtails. The fried chicken is cooked to perfection. The skin is crisp & not burnt and the meat is juicy & is seasoned to perfection. Wife had the smothered pork chops with collard greens & Mac n cheese and she loved it. Kids had ribs & kids chicken fingers & they were good. I'm nitpicking here but my only knock this visit is that the food didn't all come out at once and the decor could be better. They could use some remodeling in their for sure.. If you're in Orlando this place is a must eat, you won't be disappointed.
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