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How about clamping down on the Prince's financial scamming departments?
The NCC says the rise of OTT services has resulted in lower revenues accrued from traditional telephony.
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Keith Rowland

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But the monkey died!
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Keith Rowland

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Back to that "Only 10% of our brain being used" myth? If we could remember the entire Internet, we wouldn't need Google.
The human brain's memory capacity may be as much as 10 times larger than previously thought, according to a new study by scientists in California that looked at how hippocampal neurons in the brain function with low energy but high computational...
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Keith Rowland

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I'm still thinking it's easier to fix our planet than completely terraform another. Cheaper too!
Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that we could face annihilation if we do not colonize other worlds.
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Keith Rowland

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Who wouldn't thunk it?
It's “practically impossible to write French correctly using a keyboard that has been bought in France.”
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Keith Rowland

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I am saddened of course by the quick departure of Art Bell and many people think this is just a stunt to get out of doing the show. But let me tell you these latest events are real and Nye County police reports have been filed and are public. I've been with Art for each of his retirements, and while I may not agree with some of his reasons, they were real and after time he has managed overcome them and return to radio. This too may pass.

Many people have been thinking this is just a way to get out of the show because it wasn't doing any good. But, in fact we had contracts in place to bring on 2 more very large stations to the network, of which we were very encouraged about. We were growing every day. Subscriptions were still increasing and stations were still signing up.

However, I doubt he will ever be able to come back to traditional radio again, it was still a hard sell as it was, and stations' concerns of his longevity certainly played out. If he does come back in any capacity, it would be on DMDN.

The Dark Matter Digital Network will still run the same programs it has been, if they want to stay, and still for FREE. The only change is some programs will not be LIVE, just pre-recorded. We will continue to produce Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade and have Art back when he can. To support this effort, please stay subscribed as a Time Traveler.

-- Keith Rowland
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Keith Rowland

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Generosity forced, formulaic, and chronologically predictable is not really generosity at all.
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Keith Rowland

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Do governments really care if it's legal?
This ruling could boost the government's bid for a powerful new surveillance law.
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Keith Rowland

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This sounds like a typical DEMS liberal thing to do, lower the standards so everyone wins!
If you can stream Netflix, it should count as broadband, Republicans argue.
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Keith Rowland

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Still seems to be, it's easier to fix our planet than terraform another. Cheaper too!

Stephen Hawking says humanity is at risk from many dangers, but he claims the only way to save our species is by leaving Earth.
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Trouble is we can not fix the sun nor can we stop large asteroids. To survive as a species we have be able to live off of the planet in a long term sustainable way.
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Keith Rowland

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Soon Google+ can run by itself, without user interaction.
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Keith Rowland

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We got T-boned once in an old car with out seat belts and I was the one ejected. We were sober.
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Internet Broadcaster, Webmaster and Photographer
I make a living helping people with websites; designing, programming and/or deployment by hosting and administration. I use Macs myself, but supporting Windows users has been a good job. I have built WiFi systems for the outdoor recreation industry, RV parks, campgrounds, senior living communities, etc. 

I am a technology fan and entrepreneur in Website Deployments, Internet Engineering, Audio-Video Production, Software Programming,
 Electronics, Computers, Ham Radio and Podcasting.

I'm currently experimenting with photography, taking pictures of whatever interests me. I don't know what kind of photographer I am yet, I just take pictures and post them

My Amateur Callsign is KG7EL on ham radio. I'm not very active but would like to be. I have a limited station setup, as I am mostly mobile. I have the Advanced Class license.

I'm willing to take on any challenge and will learn whatever it takes. I've built Linux systems for web servers, administered Microsoft enterprise products, designed and installed WiFi systems, integrated web technologies into websites and generally leverage my technical skills into many solutions. In between projects I socialize on the web, using Google+.

I travel around the country in my 40-foot Country Coach diesel pusher motorhome, taking pictures and helping people with their technical needs.

My dream job would be to travel to various cities across the country, help setup, design, support, train on technology products or networking infrastructure, and then move on to the next challenge. 

Anyone need a traveling IT guy?
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I was the webmaster for the nearly famous Art Bell. Back in the early days of the internet, I blazed a trail of how to do radio programs on the web!
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