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Seems there is an issue (at least for me) in the Google Plus Android app, sync is broken where it applies to notifications. I was wondering why my battery was dying yesterday, then I noticed I wasnt getting any Google+ notifications from my Android I tried to check them (notifications) manually and it was a no go. I opened up Account & Sync in Android Settings and there it was, sync for Google+ is stuck and has been since yesterday morning. Every time I try to force a sync manually it errors out telling me sync is down. Of course this brings on several other issues as it stalls other syncs, can someone look into this +Punit Soni
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Notifications are down for me, I got your post notification on my laptop but not my mobile. If I open the notification area on my mobile it just sits there "loading" and does nothing
Have you tried going into settings>applications and doing a force stop?
Wait, did you do a force stop on "Account and Sync Settings" or just the G+ app?
i am having the same problem here. No G+ notifications via mobile. Chrome working fine. I havent noticed a battery drain issue though.
I just checked my Accounts and Sync and none of my gmail accounts are syncing either. I had originally assumed it was a problem with Keith's phone, but now think it's a problem on Google's end.
looks ike I am getting a Sync error on Google Plus and Contacts in Sync settings. I agree with +Chris Olson must be a problem on the server side ot things.
The stuck sync is killing my battery, had to charge 3 times already. I'm going to have too turn it off until they fix it. Google plus sync sticks then everything else gets stuck, turning off g+ allows the others to sync and it will stop draining my battery
Weird. Mine just sits there with the Sync Icon on Google plus. All others are fine. I did find that now my Picasa uploads are broken again. I fixed it already by changing the Facebook login email to a differnt email than my Gmail. Picasa was working fine after that until I just tried to manually upload someting a few minuted ago. I dont know whats wrong with it now. I will look into later I guess. Atleast Im not havin battery bdrain issues like Keith is. Im at 60% since 7am this morning.
Odd that this hasnt been fixed yet. It is obviously a server side issue
Looks like it just got fixed. Just got a notification and the sync icon is gone for Google Plus now.
You get you sync problem fixed? I wish they would get the other sync problems fixed. Picasa is broken if you have another account set up using the same email as your gmail account. Kind of annoying to have to fix things that shouldn't be causing a problem in the first place.
So far everything is working. I only use an app called Just Pictures to upload to picasa and it's sync is working fine
+Kevin McCarley What Android are you using? Mine still seems to broken. Will give some of the suggestions here a go. But I've factory reset a couple of times, reinstalled a couple of times... and no luck...
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