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After reading the article, it's only for one month, so sure.
I didn't realize that at first, I thought it was
Have you ever tried? 1 month without stimulation at all? Not possible ;)
+Benjamin B Is masturbation considered sex in this poll question? I don't know how the question was asked, but I would think most women perceived the question as asking about sexual intercourse with another person. That is how I perceived the question, as the article states the statistic.
Well where is the challenge if you can just masturbate and then cuddle up to your partner afterwards? So I think yes, the question should be phrased like that. Makes it much more significant.
I could still do it. For the bikini body, yes sir.
Well then... I was challenged to do this once and failed miserably. For the next month whenever you feel the urge just work out until you are too tired to. By the end of the month you will have what you wanted.
I just may do that! June 1st is coming....
Agreed. We should stop encouraging them... ;)
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