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Keith “Myunclesnephew” Norris
God first...everything else!
God first...everything else!

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He asks a great question. If Scalebound was having issues with frame rates, then what is the Scorpio for really? Playing the same games in 4K? Not going to cut it Microsoft. 

I have a question and this maybe a bit of sarcasm lol. To the people angry at Nintendo for not making a console similar to the traditional styled consoles, are you saying that you are tired of gaming on your PS or Xbox? Are you hoping that the Switch will replace your console gaming experience? Are you closet unsatisfied with the gaming industry as it has become? 

For anyone watching Dragon Ball Super. Do you think Beerus and Whis soul purpose to coming to Earth was because of the Universe Tournament? I know we didn't find out about it until later but it would be interesting that the whole time they were trying to train these guys to win. 

Finally finished Gears of War Ultimate. My first experience with the series is briefly playing a bit of 3 over my friends house. We played multiplayer and it was okay.

I bought a new graphics card I got a free copy of Gears of War 4. I played through it and thought it was okay. Not great and that ending was meh. I didn't want this later game in the series to taint my overall thought of the series and the option to go back to the original was available to me.

Microsoft recently had their sale and GoWU was half priced. I picked it up and it was of course more of the same type of gameplay. However this game was a bit different. It was actually fun. There was actually tension in the battles. Even the ending was satisfying. It also ended on a cliff hanger but the overall experience was well done the first way through. Instead of GoW4 and you're left sitting there like, "was that it?"

With that said it wasn't a perfect experience because your teams A.I is downright awful. Guy burst through a door and goes to hide. Dom for some reason is still shooting at the door. Enemies have torque bows and again Dom runs out in the open only to be downed leaving it up to me. Also the splitting up after playing 4 was painful due to the original 360 limited hardware. Despite all of that still a better overall experience than 4. Overall I would probably buy GoW2 if Microsoft decided to make an ultimate edition of that as well. Half priced of course. 

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If the Wii U had more video options and a Blu-ray player it would have appealed to a larger audience. Nintendo fans can scream it's all about the games but the truth is everyone desires more functionality from their devices. Don't skimp on the Switch. 

Everyone knows that a processors that's clocked at 4.2Ghz is better than one clocked at 3.4Ghz. LOL 

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Are gaming sales down because people are wising up?


I bought Witcher on Steam for about $70. It came with all 3 games in the series. The DLC I bought was some $25-30. I support good DLC. Witcher Wild Hunt DLC added about 30 hours more of the game. So that's about $100 over time. Now you can get everything I have for about $30-$40 bucks.

Do you have to be first to the experience? Save for some multiplayer games. It's okay to wait in my opinion. 

Any ever heard of a game called Pankapu? Pretty cool game haven't made it far but it's a pretty platformer. 

I'm seeing a lot of cases where the Pro can't even keep up with the base PS4. That's not cool!
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