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Keith McWhirter
Funny, fashionable, geek ... not always in that order.
Funny, fashionable, geek ... not always in that order.
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Actually there are three ...Spaces, Groups and G+ communities .... confusing

This test note should go to all members.

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Walking the campus on a gorgeous day ... lucky to have such a beautiful office :)
#queensu #kingston
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Anyone signed up to try out Yammer? It's basically an Enterprise Social Network.

Use your Queen's email address to sign up and you will be connected with (albeit few) other Queen's folks and be able to setup networks, working teams, conversations, etc ... exclusive only to those with a address.

Have a look and report back with what you think!

C'mon folks ... 82 members, but no conversations/posts? Campus is quite .. but G+ should have some traffic. :-)

What is the best thing about Campus in April?

Another year almost in the books ... how you doing out there???
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