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Keith McArthur
VP of Social Media at Rogers. I love running, baseball and technology. I'm dad to two awesome little boys.
VP of Social Media at Rogers. I love running, baseball and technology. I'm dad to two awesome little boys.

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For every tweet today with #brighterfuture  Rogers will donate $1 to buy mobile tech units for our non-profit partners. So proud of this initiative! Great day to work at Rogers.

As the two shows approach the end, it's easy to draw comparisons between the final seasons of Breaking Bad and Dexter.

The first is so close to flawless that it will be remembered among the greatest seasons in television history.

The second has become a chore of a program riddled with inconsistencies and flat characters (really - Masuka needs a daughter?.) that peaked years ago.

But on Dexter's final day, it's worth remembering that this was once a clever and captivating series with one season (Trinity) that was truly great.

So long Dex.

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The lines continue to blur. Can you tell the difference between paid and earned?

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Two years ago, we launched Next is Now, an award winning video ripe with stats about how quickly the world is changing.
Today we launched the sequel. Next is Now ... More than Ever
Watch, like, share.

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Rogers One Number = amazing new service we launched yesterday.
Have you tried it?
Introducing Rogers One Number, a new service exclusively from Rogers that lets you talk, text and send picture messages, and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number. Check out this video with tech expert Winston Sih to see how it works:

RedBoard video: Introducing Rogers One Number

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New Infographic with top technology trends for 2012.

Did you know that 23% of us have the urge to use our phones in the bathroom?

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I've just changed my profile picture in support of my incredible son Bryson ahead of tomorrow's International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

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Phone meet cake.
See what happens when the all-new Motorola RAZR™ gets fired out of an air cannon!

The Motorola RAZR is available exclusively at Rogers.

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I was very excited to share news of this mind-controlled iPhone but turns out its probably a hoax. 

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I was watching this video with my wife and 7yo son last night.

Wife: Do you think that deer is rabid?
7yo: Of course it's not a rabbit. It's waaay to big to be a rabbit.
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