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Hint: It's not a hippopotamus.
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No crocodiles, or rhinoceroses.
I only like hippopatamusses.

It's clearly a rhinoceros. 
Of course it's not a hippopotamus... It's a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater! :P
hmm, hippopotomi? actually this looks like a purple dolphin is diving headfirst into a cresting wave. Nice.
Oh NO! I got it - a purple duck with a very large wing span taking off into the great white expanse. (I did like the purple people eater comment. - nice to know others remember these things.)
A sneezing Popus?
Barney...? Somehow going up in smoke? (Hey, it's a happy thought , anyway ;)
Kind of looks like a really thin scarf to me.
It's a long exposure of Tinky Winky transitioning from a "Bibberly cheese" moment to a "Big Hug!" one. (Silly Dipsy.)
Serious attempt now: grey-white smoke against a black background, inverted to grey-black smoke against a white background, added a purple layer with a "color" blending mode. Or added a yellow-green layer before inverting.
Ding! +Tom Gort wins! Inverted the luminance channel in LAB. For bonus points, what kind of smoke is it?
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