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Yeah. I thought that was kind of slimy.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is not the best way to expand the Explorer Program...
Gmail, Ingress it's how Google has always released things. 
It's pretty much expected. This always happens whenever new friend invites are rolled out. Sigh.
I'm sorry +Keith I Myers While I am still an explorer in waiting, I think that this is extremely sad, self serving, and low, not to mention my PERSONAL thoughts that it may be some form of ToS violation for current explorers.

I will continue to wait until I am found to be worthy.  

This defeats the purpose of invites. This should be reported to google and should be stopped immediately.
Alex C
Honestly, it's better than the invites get wasted from not being used.
How it will get wasted? I am sure there are many communities around and there are lot of developers waiting for invites.
Alex C
These invites are for google explorers to use. I'm trying to find friends and family members I personally know to give my invite to. Anyone else can go away.

That's just me. If an Explorer wants to sell theirs, so what. 
+Corey M  Sad to hear that! There are so many developers in this community who want invites, including me. I wish explorers are generous enough to give it to those people.
google job with ebay! everyone is gonna flip on it! hope no spammer
Just shipped my 2.0. 

I thought that the folks selling the OG Glass at a 7x markup was bad enough, but selling the invites for 30 to 50 as well? smh...
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