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Keith Gibbs
i make websites, study alchemy, and play old video games. not sure if in that particular order.
i make websites, study alchemy, and play old video games. not sure if in that particular order.

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Just like the tattoo my father [+Paul Gibbs] has!

Love you, Dad!

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This video is awesome.

I figure parking in Beijing (like other large urban areas) can be quite tricky. This girl has things figured out!

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Random video game trivia:

The Donkey Kong Country series (developed by Rare and later Retro Studios; published by Nintendo) follows the exploits of Donkey Kong, his little buddy Diddy Kong and a host of other Kongs in no way affiliated with RKO/Universal Pictures.

The Donkey Kong in this game, however, is not the Donkey Kong from the original 1981 arcade masterpiece by Nintendo [developed by both Shigeru Miyamoto of Mario fame, and under the supervision of Gumpei Yokoi, creator of the Gameboy and WonderSwan and producer of Metroid and Kid Icarus among many other classics]. The Donkey Kong of the 1990's Super Nintendo games (and it's handheld titles and recent Wii release) is actually Donkey Kong III. His father was none other than Donkey Kong, Jr., star of the eponymous 1982 classic (which you should all find and play, by the way).

The real Donkey Kong, who captured the beautiful Pauline from a plucky, young Italian carpenter [yup, look it up] named Mario, is his grandfather. Funny enough, shows up in every Donkey Kong Country game, as "Cranky Kong" [apparently, in intelligent gorilla society, you are renamed... wah?]. Cranky Kong actually makes cute allusions to this fact through the series, with crabby, 4th wall breaking references to single screen, looping arcade games (like Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and [ugh] Donkey Kong III) and a single joystick/one button setup.

Another little factoid, in Donkey Kong, Jr., Mario [yeah, our beloved Mario] is the villain. He brandishes a whip, whipping monsters along the screen, and holds Donkey Kong in a cage. This is truth.

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Gave blood. You should to.

Work gives us a half-day off on a day of our choosing for donating.

I always (or at least in the last couple years), give "Double Reds"... e.g. two units of red blood cells via the apheresis machine [they give me back saline and my plasma/white blood cells/etc.]. If you are able (weight/iron/etc.), I'd say try it, since it makes you less dizzy, etc. than whole blood donation (and certainly, there are people out there who need red cells).

Bonus points as well: got a certificate for Edible Arrangements. Alyssa's getting some chocolate covered strawberries tonight!

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Amidst all the Nintendo hoopla of the day... I just have to say this gif of Reggie (courtesy of Destructoid) is awesome.

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The sorting hat put you in Kirkland.

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On difficulty in video games, via D-toid's Jim Sterling.

I love the description of our youth in the late 80's/early 90's, "[when]... Battletoads was considered good game, not legal child abuse."

Interesting to think that challenge can be something layered in, insofar that a child can play "to get through" and can do so with little trouble, but someone looking for challenge can have a royal bitch of a time.

In Epic Yarn, this seems appropriate [you don't need 100% collect to medal, just enough to get by, if you don't get hit], but could this excuse developers from merely building in extended, gratuitous collect-a-thons into games, citing that they are "adding depth" and building in "challenge"?

My wife got me a Super Nintendo from an old high school classmate. It is in fabulous condition, no yellowing, etc. Came with both Super Mario World and Super Mario All-Stars cartridges (also in excellent condition). Very, very cool. Don't want it to be Monday tomorrow.

So yeah, my wife is awesome.

Also, if any of you have any SNES carts to spare, let me know!!

Alyssa, baby and I all slept in until 10. Wow. 
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