Shards memories for a good cause

As the shard game winds to a close, what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been.
Airplanes, fishing boats, hovercraft, ice walks and tropical island storms are just some of the amazing adventures Ingress agents around the world have gone on for the global shard game. These are the stories that make Ingress special, unique experience like no other in the world.
To that end, I think you should consider giving the players something to remember this by. An in-game Ingress badge (like an anomaly badge, please not a face badge), something related to shards or trans-continental links would be nice.

I am proposing a simple solution to bring a scanner badge to the players involved.
Years ago you launched the Initio badge, donate to a good cause, get a t-shirt and an in-game badge. Please consider something similar for the global shard game.

After the time/money/energy invested in the global shard game, donating to a charity or good cause, and getting an in-game scanner medal would be absolutely worth it for the players.
With an option to purchase more than one so that we can share with agents who we feel went above and beyond (with fewer monetary means)

My sincere thanks for giving global shards another chance, and bringing the greatest global adventure Ingress has to offer, back to the players.
It's time to move.

+NIA Ops
+Niantic Project
+Anne Beuttenmüller
+Andrew Krug
+Masashi Kawashima
+Hilda Leung

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