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Keith Cramer

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Super cool Easter treat!  +Lily Guevara brought these over tonight. 

#Easter   #EasterTreats   #Jello   #Eggs   #JelloEggs  
Jello filled eggs...yummy Easter treat! 🐰🐣
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You too +Sean Cowen! 
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Keith Cramer

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And away she goes...

Now I'm just waiting for the repair estimate... or death certificate. :-(


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Mary C.
A sad sight indeed. :\
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Keith Cramer

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This is my favorite thing of the day. There are quite a few people I'd love to show this to, but, I'm pretty confident they'd just want me to draw a transparent red line with green ink.

Thanks for sharing +Adam Tyler
Being an engineer in a corporate environment
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Keith Cramer

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Goodbye +Jo Lane and +David Mills!

+Scott Cramer +Kyla Myers +Jo Lane and +David Mills just headed off to Chicago for some shenanigans before they have to fly out.

It was a fantastic weekend, too bad it was such a short visit!
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It was a wonderful to have everyone visit! Turkey dinners to all! It's a thing.
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Keith Cramer

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+Jo Lane and +David Mills opening baby gifts.

Good luck stuffing everything into your bags for the trip home!
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Rightfully so, Jo ;) <3
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Auto-not-so-awesome.  :-(

Bye bye Jeep!

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+Paul Bucalo absolutely!! 
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I was involved in a collision this morning.

They lady driving this Corolla decided to drive head on into my Wrangler while I was sitting (still) in a center turn lane this morning.

These are the after pics. 

Both Charlie and I were shaken up a bit, but fine overall (Hopefully we don't feel differently in the morning).

The lady driving the other car was disoriented and I'm pretty sure she briefly blacked out. They took her away in the ambulance and hauled her car away on a flat bed.

I'm super happy at how well the Jeep protected us. It's not running very well and there's quite a bit screwed up in the front end, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking. 

This is a total Jeep win in my book!

It's amazing the things that go through your head in those couple of seconds when you know your going to be hit -- especially when your child is sitting in the passenger's seat. I'm feeling very lucky overall.

#Jeep   #collision   #jeepwrangler   #jeepcollision   #jeepsrock  
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+Paul Bucalo Thanks. No It wasn't the roads, it was the sun rising behind us making it very hard to see and also maybe a little bit of drive distractions on her part.
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Keith Cramer

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Words to live by.

Here's a fantastic quote I'd never heard before.

H/T +Elia Locardi
"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

- Pablo Picasso

#quotes   #inspiration   #wisdom  
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Good call +CK Feisal!!!
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Keith Cramer

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Firewalkers +Scott Cramer and +David Mills.

It seems Scott lost his shoes.

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I didn't want to melt them. ;-)
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Check out this fantastic Doctor Who themed suitcase cake created for +Jo Lane's baby shower by +Lori Cramer and +Kyla Myers.

It was amazing.

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Tag, cuz
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A lot of this and a little of that. Pretty much I do whatever it takes to keep food on the table and roof over our heads.
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On Google+, you're supposed to have a well thought out introduction on your profile.

Sooo... I'm just going to add a list of some random facts about myself. I'll probably add more from time to time if I remember.

1. I've never really gotten into social media until G+. Tried to do the Facebook and Twitter thing. Pretty much hated them both.

2. I like Jeeps. I just bought my first one, it's a 1991 Jeep Wrangler. It's been well used and needs some serious TLC, but I love it. 50% of the people I tell about it think I'm nuts, the other 50% think it's pretty cool. My mother-in-law thinks I'm going through my mid-life crisis. heh.

3. I just got a VitaMix. It's awesome, I love to blend things. Sometimes I blend things just for fun.

4. I'm not a Zombie fan. They're depressing with all that groaning and shuffling.

5. I like micro-brews and imported beer.

6. The only wine I've ever enjoyed is way to expensive to actually buy.

7. Android wins.

8. I would be considered a Google evangelist. I like their products, but still worry about them taking over the world and changing their name to SkyNet.

9. I like big dogs, especially German Shepherds. We have a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix - Eko.

10. We have lizards. We used to have an old blind Leopard Gecko (he finally passed away). We now have a Chinese Water Dragon name Rex and Bearded Dragon named Gideon. (edited)

11. Junior Mints, Hot Tamales, Sour Patch Kids, and Popcorn are the best movie snacks that exist on this planet.

12. Loved Spotify. Hate that they're in bed with Facebook. Love Grooveshark now (edited)

13. Works too much, drinks too little.

14. I've been accused of being too opinionated. I told my accusers to go jump off Mount Makalu.

15. Bought two more Jeeps. A 1995 Wrangler and a 2007 Compass. We are officially a Jeep family.

16. Make mine spicy. Then add some heat.

17.Sci Fi vs. Fantasy... Sci Fi wins...umm, actually maybe Fantasy does. No no, definitely Sci Fi ... I mean Fantasy. Screw it, let's just go read some comic books.

18. I wish I had more time to wander around the world taking pictures of stuff. Primarily stuff that I like.

19. I will forever be irritated that Dr. Who has become super popular after having to live through the ridicule of enjoying it during the 80's. Same goes for anything to do with super heroes and comic books too!  At least the rest of the world is finally catching up!
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