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Speculation time ...I note that there is a similar list at Canonrumors, and since I disagree with many of their thoughts, I thought I'd put up my own thoughts (so BIG pinch of salt required)

1Ds4 - To launch this year
1D5 - No merger yet. Maybe a new 1D mark 5 in 2012, with internals based on 1Ds4 (Digic V) possible limited availability for the Olympics
5D3 - a Photokina 2012 camera
7D2 - late 2012/early 2013 - new higher MP sensor and faster
70D - 2013
650D - 2012 (similar sensor but Digic V)
and some wild cards...
3D - destined to remain in 'Fabled' status for quite some time
6D, 8D, 9D - more potential model numbers
Mirrorless - yes Canon have heard about it ;-)
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I think Canon will integrate Thunderbolt on a EF mount camera. Given it can draw in 10Gbit/s and scale up as needed. Would be very useful as MP appear to increase endlessly and 4K resolution appearing on Sony and RED's 'lower end' cameras.
The xxxD series has been on a 1-year cycle since the 450, before that it was 18 months. The xxD has been on an 18 month cycle with the exception of the 50D which was one year and the 60D which was two. Has the earthquake really pushed out production cycles to the point where they both get stretched to 2 years or more?

I'm quite satisfied with my 60D but I'd be more satisfied with a 70D at 12MP and ISO usable a few stops higher.
Jon, I very much doubt the MP will go downwards on the 70D.

I suspect the 7D2 will be aimed directly at the D400, and that that it's sensor will be 'repurposed' for the 70D and subsequently the 700D
The earthquake and tsunami certainly affected production for many companies in Japan, and it's only recently that has normalized a bit, as I understand it. Whether that will delay introduction of new models more than three to six months is another matter.

But let's play a guessing game based on earlier release schedules (as displayed on +Keith Cooper's excellent rumour site. Given that, we ought to see release dates similar to this, if we ignore delays:

1200D: Q2-Q4 2013
650D: Q1 2012
70D: Q1 2012

5D MkIII: Q4 20111D MkV: Q2 2012
1Ds MkIV: Q1 2012

The 7D is a new kid on the block and hard to guess about, but I'd suspect a three-year schedule like other «pro» cameras.

Now take the above dates and add three to six months, and revolutionary revelations this Q4, and you know that this is just guesswork. :)
Any word on the 2 primes that they may announce? Noticed that Bestbuy stopped offering the canon 35mm f1.4 It's completely gone off their site.
Would be nice if they offer a new 35 and 135 before any new zoom
The rumor is they will announce 2 new primes and 1 new zoom. I think the 35 is ready for a refresh. Maybe they'll put it at a f1.2 to match their 50mm and 85mm. Having all three at f1.2 would be amazing.
I'm sorry Keith, I've been following your rumour site for quite a long time now and I've always agreed with you. But you putting the 5D III to 2012 doesn't really seem likely IMO. The latest rebate definitely puts it as a candidate for release this autumn.
I'll happily admit that there is a possibility that the 5D3 may appear this year, I just think it more unlikely than likely.

I did like that split 54MP 1Ds4 and 28MP 5D3 rumour, but have had absolutely nothing else that would back it up - I can't see a 5D3 using the same basic sensor as a 1Ds4 until some time has elapsed and built up 1Ds3 replacement demand has been met.

One person who mentioned the dealer discount info about the 5D2 suggested that it was more about sales volumes than anything else - that and the wait for the 1Ds4 (or 1Ds5 - to mark the use of digic 5)

At the moment Nikon seem in no hurry to bring out a D4 (or D400 or D800)

Also, the 1Ds3 is the only 'discontinued' product, the last Digic3 camera and the one Canon called its flagship
Looking at the past press releases it is possible that a new EF mount camera will be announced for the November event.

5D2 - September 2008
5D1 - August 2005

1D4 - October 2009
1D3 - February 2007
1D2n - August 2005
1D2 - January 2004
1D1 - November 2001

1Ds3 - August 2007
1Ds2 - September 2004
1Ds1 - September 2002
Ahem... 5D, 1D and 1Ds - no Mark 1, 'classic' or any other such designation - I still have my EOS 1Ds :-)

My own thoughts are that we will see a new camera in time for the Canon London 'Pro' event - there may also be something video related for Hollywood
Just added the 1 to avoid confusion. :-)

I've traded in my 10k actuation 5D1 + $230 for a 7D. Now trying to unload my 5D2 before the November announcement.
There really isn't any reason for a new 5D to come out yet. It's not facing any serious competition right now and probably still won't for another 6 months.
7D2 so late? I hope you're wrong ;) Got a 40D and want to upgrade this year ;)
+Reinhold Wentsch Do note the date of the original post - and warnings ;-)

The 1D X threw things off a bit ;-)

Then there is the 36MP D800...

I do wonder if anything will come from some of the high MP sensors that were supposedly being tested for a 1Ds Mk4, but obviously were not the route chosen.
Oh - now i see G ;)
You're right the 1DX is out now and the D800 announced today with 36MP... and customers are waiting for there sony a77 ....we will see what canon will answer in the next few weeks/months....
I'm still not sure which cam i'll upgrade my 40D with.
First i thought of the 60D oder upcoming 70D... but magnesium is only in 7D so maybe waiting for the 7D2. But I want the SD-Card because of the eye-fi gadget to thether with my ipad.... well and full-frame with the 5DIII i guess thats a way to expensice and i don't need it....
what would you suggest.... 60D / 70D / oder hoping for a 7D2 with SD-Card ;)?
If the 40D is working well, then waiting for a 7D2 will give a more noticeable improvement. It's about what you do with them ;-)
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