Speculation time ...I note that there is a similar list at Canonrumors, and since I disagree with many of their thoughts, I thought I'd put up my own thoughts (so BIG pinch of salt required)

1Ds4 - To launch this year
1D5 - No merger yet. Maybe a new 1D mark 5 in 2012, with internals based on 1Ds4 (Digic V) possible limited availability for the Olympics
5D3 - a Photokina 2012 camera
7D2 - late 2012/early 2013 - new higher MP sensor and faster
70D - 2013
650D - 2012 (similar sensor but Digic V)
and some wild cards...
3D - destined to remain in 'Fabled' status for quite some time
6D, 8D, 9D - more potential model numbers
Mirrorless - yes Canon have heard about it ;-)
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