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Google+ for Adsense? Yep that's where I found Google's latest "recommendation"...on the main landing page for my daily Adsense earnings.

How far will Google go to make every user of each one of their products is on G+? Can't wait til Google+ is suggested as the next video I should watch on YouTube!

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I certainly hope that this means they'll be moving towards extending AdSense to Google+. Google's crowdsourced ad profit sharing for AdSense could attract a lot of enterprise use and content creators who don't get to share in Facebook's ad revenue.
Google's ads are the easiest to block for now thank god, but yea; I thought you get a G+ account now whenever you signed up for any google service. Just existing users that get to opt in.
Maybe I'm wrong then. 
+Andy Reeves you get a personal account thats correct, I think here they are specifically prompting you to set up a business/fan page for the websites you are monetizing.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. 
I disagree. Call me a detractor, but at least I am giving G+ a shot.

No matter how much they're making Facebook is still eating Google's lunch when it come to social (and the data that brings). They are desperate for that data (for ads), and they aren't going to get it any time soon.

I the meantime, they are letting core products like search get less relevant, less useful, and less innovative.

The future isn't very bright here for G+, especially for brand use of it.

See a first hand account of this here:
+Keith Brown You're still thinking of this place as Google+. This isn't Google+... this is Google+ Social. They don't call it that, but that's what it is. If you are using a Google product with a logged-in account, anywhere, you will be using Google+. They're doing what Facebook did, but instead of growing a huge social network, they're just tying their already huge network into one big social network.
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