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Building a New House For Santa

Where I live, this man walks the streets daily with a Santa hat or a Dr Suess hat on, headphones in, just bebopping all over the place.

This is Harry Buie, he has lived in that house behind him for 59yrs, he was literally born inside the home. It is falling apart and the Town determined it was uninhabitable.

We need approximately $50k to build him a 1br/1ba cottage to finish out his days in. Any and all donations matter tremendously.

Thanks in advance, and if you can't give, please at least share :-) 
One day walking home from school, little Evie made the remark..."I wish someone would fix Santa's house". And, a child's wish has brought a community together. The Pleasure Island community and 5 local contractors have came together to build Harry (Santa) a brand new 1 bedroom/1 bath 500 sq....
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