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Who took the social out of social media? I just wrote this article this morning to express some feelings I have about the direction of social media, especially when it comes to larger brands. I haven't written anything in a long time, so I probably rambled a little...

Take a look if you have time, let me know what your thoughts are :-)

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All good points. But why haven't you written in a while? It's funny, but you sound like an Old Guy talking about to good ol' days of around 2011. Man this stuff is changing fast. 
It is changing fast, technology changes and I get that, but humans aren't changing that fast, we still just like a real conversation instead of being shouted at all the time...

I got burned out on writing, used to write daily on several blogs I owned.... felt like I was just regurgitating the same info everyone else was already writing about, so I took a break. I almost ditched this site because of that, but I like that logo I had made so much I couldn't do it LOL
You're making great points about the human factor in social media. I went for a web design job at a hot tub company once; what they actually wanted was an SEO specialist. During the interview we discussed their social media; they'd had queries on FB asking for prices for inflatable hot tubs and hadn't bothered to reply.

Needless to say I called them on it. You have to answer when someone contacts you with a query about your services.

The fact is, there are a lot of snake oil salesmen around promising ROI and SEO and heaven knows what, but what really matters isn't all the bought followers you can get, but the number of people who are actively chatting to you about stuff.

I'd refine the point you've been making about being social by suggesting talking about related areas, etc. so people at least know what you do and that you're an authority on the subject, but it does no harm at all to be generally social.

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Excellent article, at the risk of looking like an old guy talking about the 'ole golden times' but the truth is the truth... the whole definition of social interaction is changing at an alarming rate and I would prefer not losing it to ultra modern gadgets, even though I love them.
Thanks Keith for such a great article and real life insights into developing meaningful relationships online. Most of my clients are consumed with likes and followers and I tell them the same thing; that's crap. I've never had a conversation or even a response for messages that reach the blog-a-sphere. I look forward to engaging your voice.
it seems social media is more convenient to be social than in real life ;( that's pathetic I know cant help it for now. But I know I will be back, I dont want to be stuck in virtual life. lol
Great article & I appreciate the honesty of your perspective. I think a lot of companies are more interested in the metrics, as you mentioned. Another problem is a lot of companies choose to provide minimal staff, time, and resources to maintain their sites. Therefore they just can't be social because how can you have a conversation when you're only online for minutes a day? If companies really want to embrace social media and be successful, they need to be human and committed to the process.
Some good points Keith.  First thing I always say to people - if you are not social in the offline world, why will you be social online.  Social Media actually helps to showcase poor customer service issues that were already there before.
What happened is that there is no money in the human factor.
Actually that is false Ralph, just Saturday I made a sale by being social and using the "human factor" on Twitter.... so there is money in the human factor, probably much more than the alternative.
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