"Google Voice" Dialing Does Not Support "Pause"

On android phones, especially with ICS or later, you are suppose to be able to insert a comma in a phone number to create a 2-second pause (and a semicolon creates a hard pause, where the phone prompts to continue). Pause is dialing functionality people have needed since touch tones came out in the 80s. It's how you create a 1-button press that will navigate through voice-mail, extensions, and other systems to reach your intended call goal. This is more true today with voice-activated calling or common menu systems.

The problem is that if you use Google Voice, this doesn't work. Doesn't matter what model phone you have (failed on my Google Samsung Galaxy S and still fails on my new Google Nexus 4). If I use the phone's native dialer, or an Android app dial other than Google's, you can the needed behavior. Unfortunately I NEED to use Google Voice.

Another issue is that while you can set Google Voice as the default dialer for the phone, Google contacts do not provide a means to over-ride it for individual numbers, so you can't use your native dialer on that one contact requiring commas, or for the members of your family plan. And yes there's a "prompt per call" setting, but as soon as you use Google Now or Google Glass to make calls, that's useless.

People have been complaining about these 2 issues since 2010 (just search Google Groups). It's really disappointing that these fundamental needs using Google Voice and it's dialer ever existed, let alone are still around after 4 years.

The closest I've come to a solution was GroveIP, but it seems to have issues with Bluetooth headsets or non-IP calls that still need Google Voice (or maybe my settings are wrong), and it doesn't use the "default" number in a contact if set.

Has anyone solved this? Is there a good Android dialer app that will support commas and work with everything else? How about per-number dialer overrides?

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