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Just as they raise prices they lose content. Amazon Video - here's an opportunity.
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i am sure they will work out a deal for now it is just negotiations.. Netflix is the largest customer Starz has .. so they will reach an agreement close to the last day of negotiations !!
No it's finalized; Starz will be dropped in 2012. There's some bad blood between them.
Is that like when NBC left iTunes, only to come back like 3 months later? Netflix better get their act together honestly. If they want to be the "who's who" of streaming stuff, they can't lose content like that.
That would be interesting to see. I am not aware of any way Starz plans to market in the streaming space, although with Hulu and Amazon there are options for them.
Netflix instant streaming is still the best deal around. I stopped buying dvds and blu-rays quite last year.
There are options, but more competition as well. Starz and Netflix will likely work something out. I'm hopeful anyway.
I am a Netflix heavy user, and will continue to be, until I can't find any content I want anymore.
Starz shows and movies are available for online viewing through Dishnetwork Online, but no way to access it with Roku yet.
+Scott Schneider They had to raise prices because the providers are charging them more. It is still a great deal.
+Scott Schneider I also find it amusing that someone who considers themselves a "Mac Evangelist" is complaining about a company raising its price by a few dollars a month. Certainly Apple could still be profitable and charge a bit less?
+Lon Harris I don't see the connection, plus there is a difference between raising a reoccurring cost and a one-time price, especially if you're delivering less value at the same time.
+Keith Barrett Netflix is still a great deal. Their price raise is minor and is largely meant to make up for the fact that studios want more money in exchange for their content.

Apple products, on the other hand, are not a great deal (though I still like them), and comparable equipment would cost you far less without that logo on it.

Seems contradictory to root against one company for making a modest price increase, while simultaneously evangelizing the other company for having a long-time strategy of over-charging consumers to build up a reputation as a "prestige brand." The style of charging consumers and the rate at which you pay doesn't enter into it, particularly when you consider that it would take decades before a Netflix price increase equaled the amount people pay for Mac products.
For me, this isn't a great loss. None of the Starz content was in HD, and some of it wasn't even widescreen (those things don't matter to me so much for TV shows or documentary stuff, but it does for movies). As for the cost of the service, I use it in place of cable, so until it approaches the price of that, I'll stick with it.
+Lon Harris There is no connection. Price is based on customer perceived value. Personally I pay based on quality of product. I could care less about the brand on it. That's why I'm an Open Source guy. Sorry you have a rant against Apple, but it's not applicable to Netflix.
+Raphael Barrington I'm wondering that myself; what EXACTLY is the impact on me if Starz leaves? I don't think I watch a lot of Starz videos. I watch mostly TV shows and anime, not movies.
+Keith Barrett I've now restated the connection twice. Unless you have some actual response to what I wrote, as opposed to simple contradiction, I'm not sure what else there is to say.

(I will add that my statement is not a "rant" against Apple - I'm typing this on a MacBook Pro right now - but merely an indication that I think this reaction to Netflix charging a few extra dollars a month is overblown.)
Yeah, the quality of the service seems heavily dependent on how much time you spend in front of your TV. I have been catching up on a lot of TV shows that I never watched because my schedule wouldn't allow it, and it doesn't look like I'm going to run out of that stuff anytime soon. If I only cared about movies (and spent a ot of time watching them), I'd probably run out of stuff to watch too quickly to bother with the streaming service at all.
I evaluate each service and product individually. I never consider it acceptable that one can raise a price because someone else is more expensive, especially in a totally unrelated market. That kind of thinking works more for companies than myself. My price point for paying on a streaming service is under $10/month, and it has to include enough desireable content (of interest to me personally) to keep me busy for 6-12 months or it's not worth it. I'd live on over-the-air programming otherwise. It's that simple.
Can we return the discusstion back to just Netflix? What's the maximum amount per month would you'd be willing to pay for the service, and how much does Starz add/subtract from that?
I would begrudgingly pay about twice what it costs now, max (and I hope they aren't reading this!) for the amount of use that I get from it. Even then, I'd only be paying just over half what I was for cable, and using it more. Again, Starz backing out has no real impact on me.
Starz does very little for me - so no love lost here. There is a ton of content on netflix for my $9 a month.
+Keith Barrett As convenient as Netflix streaming is, I'd pay up to $20 a month for it. I've got 123 items in my instant queue. Plenty of content for me. I checked a few minutes ago and the only Starz item is the series Camelot (not the Kennedy one).
Sounds like we're all saying the media is hyping it up; and that losing Starz really has no impact on anyone here.
Starz has one series that I liked - Spartacus. The new season doesn't come out until January, so it looks like I'm screwed out of seeing that show.
Without Netflix it would be a far more boring :)

I have Dish network with 1.5 TB - VIP 922 DVR (and their mid tier DVR in another room) although the reliability of recording is only so-so. The reliability depends on whether i use the web site, or my iphone or the DVR itself. I just got everything 2 months ago.

The recording on the DVR is either MIA or is often completely wrong or the recording stops. This happens about 20% of the time. I do find Dish to be better value than Comcast though, was paying nearly double for the service and 160GB Motorola DVR that I used nearly 9 years ago in Vancouver :) I thought about DirectTV but don't watch enough sports for it to be worth it.

I voted for using OTA with a TIVO and continuing to focus on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and VUDU - but the wife and daughter outvoted me... They said "We need Max and Ruby, Babar, and Jake and the neverland pirates"

Anyways, what I am trying to say - is Netflix is a fantastic value, given the effort/cost it takes for other services (cable/satellite/DVR etc to find, record or simply playback streamed or rented content...

I do like renting movies from VUDU though.
Sad to hear that Starz is saying goodbye. Much of what I choose to watch on Netflix is their programming. It will be interesting to see the real impact.
While it may have little impact on anyone here, that Starz turned down $300M to renew the contract (for roughly 1,000 titles) will have a big impact on both Netflix and streaming media in general. Content providers continue to strangle this method, and they are doing so with some level of success.
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