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This is my circle of anime discussions and fans. I don't mean Pokemon and DragonBall Z; we're talking Black Butler, Death Note, xxxHolic, Heroic Age, Trigun, Bleach and more. Netflix and Hulu are helping people discover the amazing characters and plots of some of these series for the first time, and you can find recommendations here.

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+Keith Barrett Awesomesauce! I've been out of the anime loop for awhile and been recently trying to watch some new series but ill definitely add this circle so I can keep up a bit! :p
is there a Naruto Shippuden crowd in there?
I would be interested in knowing if this group will be delving into the older anime. I'm a fan of late 80's and early 90's anime.
Well I grew up watching the original Astroboy and Gigantor in the 1960s! Is that early enough? :-)
I loved the old Tetsuwan Atom series (even managed to grab a copy of the lost episodes a while back on vhs), Tetsujin 28 not so much, and looking back I'm not sure why I enjoyed Janguru taitei as much as I did as a kid
I am always amazed when I finish watching a newly discovered series on Netflix or Hulu, and then see the copyright date is 10 years old.
Nice circle, tnx for adding me, i've been fan of anime for a couple of years and with a list of 70ish series to go, i must share that it just amaze me the art and refinement involved in much of them, i felt specially touched by the work done in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, i watched it a couple years ago and took a lot of meaning in the events that everyone knows by now...
This circle grows fast. I've already added about 15 more people to it.
Anyone remember Marine Boy (海底少年マリン) back in the '60s?
Currently (STILL) watching Prince of Tennis & rewatching Hajime No Ippo (Fighting Spirit) & Fist of the North Star (yeah, cheesy, I know, but I enjoyed it back in the day, hehe) . Started watching anime HEAVILY about 8 years ago, it's just about ALL I watch now.

I know 5-6 more people you can add Keith, thanks for sharing! 
If they add a comment or a +1 to this thread I'll add them
+Anime Den Yes, U.C. is still the best Gundam. I'm currently about 2/3 of the way through Zeta, alternating between this, Valkyria Chronicles and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?.
There's 60 people in my circle now. I'll have to re-share it again sometime in the future.
+Miyuki Shirayama Z is a great series, I am just chewing my way through ZZ gundam. Have yet to start on Kore Wa Zombie Desu
+Tim Mills We recently had a re-run of Marine Boy on Australian Television, not a bad series for it's time
+Anime Den Yes, looking a bit dated now but that's the bug that first bit me as a kid.
+Tim Mills It certainly a good series, my young boys have been enjoying watching it
i totally agree that netflix is really helping us find interesting anime. currently watching chobits and xam'd: lost memories. i thank netflix for helping me watch and complete soul eater, blue drop, darker than black and more. as long as they are in english i will watch. i just cant get into sub titles.
Funny. Everyone starts out that way but now I prefer subtitles. You are really limiting yourself by that.The English translations are so "Western Culture" changed and I now prefer to see the original dialog in the original voices. Plus I can watch Anime' while my wife sleeps because the sound is way down :-) I also got tired of waiting for currently active series like Bleach and One Piece to post a dubbed version of an episode a month late.
Fansubs yeap :-). Then when you are tired of waiting for the anime to catch up ... Manga :-)
yes is really important to watch them in their native language, the intentions and implications change the tone of the series completely, and what to say about the little expressions that you will become familiar that have not translation, i've been comparing a couple of animes in japanese, english and spanish and they sometimes really feel like different characters in the same situations :s
wow i guess i am one in a million that just cant get into sub titles. well who knows that may change but for now i am sticking to it. thank you all for your take on that subject though. as i said, it may happen one day that i will prefer sub titles.
How about today +Benjamin Aquino ? Be a TRUE anime fan and read while you watch! You'll notice a difference in the voices and the pacing of what they say. Also, Roronoa Zoro sounds like an idiot in the English dub. (Just kidding about the TRUE anime fan thing)
Believe me I was the same way. Hulu has both dubbed and subbed versions up of One Piece or Bleach, but the dubbed versions are about a month behind because they take more time to produce. If you watch either of those and are familiar with the series and characters, try watching the subbed versions. You'll get use to it quicker and you'll watch episodes many others haven't seen yet.

The truth is that most of the best anime has not been translated into English, so you're only method of enjoying it is by subtitles. You'll eventually exhaust what's on Netflix and then be forced into it.

You'll also discover fansubs. Just type "anime fansub watch online" and check the results.

Finally an anime group! Please add me! Also is there a manga group?
I am a fan of Naruto and Bleach I would be interested in finding some more similar to this. Thanks.
Who agrees that Samurai Champloo is a masterpiece ?
Ignas, masterpiece is the perfect way to describe Samurai Champloo.
btw what's wrong with dragonball z and pokemon? I watch pokemon new episodes every saturday, lol. :)
I think if you explore other anime' you'll widen your tastes
I WON'T lie, I began watching anime through DBZ in the 90's. I think it was a LOT of people's introduction to it. I have the entire series on DVD & watch it every so often. Even though I HAVE moved on to more sophisticated fare, it holds a special place for me because it was the genesis of my obsession.

I use Bleach as "bait" nowadays to get people hooked. It's BASICALLY just DBZ w/swords, & guys simply CAN'T resist mindless Shonen action beat-em-ups, lol. ^^
+ Barry Lester - I to started with DBZ, I should go back and rewatch it its been years since I've seen it. + Keith Barrett thanks I'll check out other circles, oh and I prefer subbed, dubbed anime seems to have gotten really bad in recent years.
I began with DBZ as well in 2000. I didn't start exploring anime seriously until 2008. It took 8 years to get the dancing fusion technique out of my head ;-)
Jenny A
anyone like Fullmetal Alchemist?
I am finding myself drawn more to the Manga of some of my favorites because they are so far ahead of the anime such as Naruto and Bleach
+keith , I've tried a few timea to get into one piece but I just can't seem to get into it
I've dropped maintaining circles of "fans" of things because it's a backwards process and I'm at my limits of how many I can circle. Fans are consumers. I now maintain and share circles of people who POST items of interest in that subject rather than are fans of it. Those are the people you need to circle. Otherwise you're just cluttering your stream with non-informative from strangers.

I do think there is an opportunity here for someone to create a website for people to find others with similar interests. Certainly marketing would like that.
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