When Does Google Glass Auto Backup Your Photos?

My understanding of Google Glass was that it was auto-backing up my photos to G+ throughout the day, possibly depending on the inactivity of the device, whether it had Wi-Fi or tethering, and whether the tethered phone was using cell or Wi-Fi services itself. This understanding was based on what I was originally told when I received my device, my personal observation of seeing my photos land in the auto-backup folder throughout the day, and the Google+ alerts I'd get (throughout the day again) telling me autobackup occurred.

+Frank Morrissey and I recently got into a discussion about this, as his understanding is the auto backup only occurred during the charge cycle. My evidence appeared to counter this, BUT some tests I performed yesterday supported Frank's position. Also other people are stating that they do not see the same behavior I see. I thought about all this and realized I've been a Glass users for almost 3 months now, so even if my observations were once accurate it doesn't mean that this is how Glass operates today. Also I am a heavy user of Glass and frequently charge my device throughout the day without paying attention to it, so it could be during the charge cycle and it was just that I charged a lot.

Those that DO see their photos getting auto-backed-up, what behavior are you witnessing? Perhaps +Timothy Jordan or someone on the Glass team can clear this up?

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[Please Note: This is not a discussion debating whether Glass does or does not backup your photos - it does (or can) if you configure your account and phone (especially Android) to do it. The question here is  under what conditions does it actually performs this operation]
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