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Keith Barrett

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Attorney for terminated Disney IT Staff outs Rubio on the lies of foreign outsourcing

#Disney #h1b

American workers laid off by Orlando Disney are preparing a lawsuit against their former employer.
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Keith Barrett

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TOR was hacked and vulnerable for months, and law enforcement knew it
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How do you think law enforcement were snooping on it?
Now what? 
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Keith Barrett

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The Return of MST3k

Joel Hodgson, the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, finally got the rights back to his show earlier this year and is running a kickstarter. He's raised enough to create at least 6 new episodes, and the new cast will include Felicia Day (as the new evil scientist) and Patton Oswalt (as the henchman and son of TV's Frank).

They also have an offer where you can download 87 of the original episodes for $150 -

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Keith Barrett

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Is Replacing IT Staff With Offshore Contractors Legal?

Running a business in the USA has some requirements.

-- You can't avoid hiring employees by hiring contractors, even if the contractor prefers it. If you have an on-going full-time need, you have to hire for it. This is why there are legal restrictions preventing a contractor from working in the same position or duties at the same company for longer than 24 months.

-- You can't fire existing staff to replace them with cheaper people or contractors, even in right-to-work states. This practice also has a serious company loyalty and career impact; you can't reward people for doing a great job and then terminate them as a liability because they're earning higher salaries. Why would anyone choose such a career or work for you?

-- You can't terminate older, performing staff because their salaries, pensions, insurance or medical coverage costs are higher. Over 40 is also a legally protected age group.

Recent news about companies, like Disney, contracting foreign labor and terminating existing staff are trying to avoid these restrictions by outsourcing to a 3rd party company. Almost exclusively it's been to Indian companies, staffed mostly with Indians on foreign visas having capped salaries. They're contracted to "take over" IT services, and existing higher-cost staff is terminated (often forced to train the contractor replacing them), and "new job openings" are posted by the company (many similar to the jobs just eliminated). The displaced IT employees (who often would get hired by the outsource firm) are rarely hired by the Indian company since they aren't Indian or part of the Visa system, and are forced to accept lower salaries if they go after the newly open positions. In a sense this resembles money laundering, where you leverage a middleman to achieve what would normally be an illegal act while keeping your hands clean. The company didn't outsource to "experts" because these contractors required training and have little prior career experience. It's been called the H-1B Visa "loophole" because the original company is not hiring the foreigners (which is what the Visa system was meant for - to augment your staff by hiring hard-to-find skills). It's just a cost reduction tactic.

This article states however that there is no such loophole. That the law doesn't exempt you from the result or the Visa system because you are a level removed from it. This also matches the business model of companies being responsible for their entire end-to-end supply chain.

#disney #h1b #h-1b

Among the questions that the IEEE-USA is asking the DOJ to answer is whether employers can use contractual terms "to shield themselves from knowledge of the immigration status of contract workers."
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+ima eghlima​ No; not if they are doing their job.
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Keith Barrett

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Easy Thanksgiving Dinner At Disney World

Want a traditional turkey or ham Thanksgiving dinner at Walt Disney World but without reservations, high costs, crowds or needing park tickets? Here's how I do it.

[Note: The menu shown is from last year]

#disney #disneyworld #wdw #thanksgiving

Keith Barrett describes an easy way to enjoy a traditional Walt Disney World Thanksgiving dinner without the crowds or high costs.
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That's cheaper than a local diner. 
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Keith Barrett

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Some H-1B Visa Replaced Workers Speak Out In Washington

Many replaced IT workers can't talk about what happened because they were forced to sign "gag" agreements in order to get their severance. The was especially true at Edison. Some however are beginning to speak up up at the Senate Committee.

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing into abuses of the H-1B skilled guest worker visa program. Lawmakers heard experts describe how the use of foreign workers has come to dominate the IT industry, with many tech giants using the program to fire well-paid current workers and replace them with workers from abroad at significantly lower pay. The current system to bring in high-skill guest workers ... has become primarily a process...
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Keith Barrett

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Missed Weekly Roundup with myself, +Mike Myers  , and +Keith Barrett  ? Watch here:
Entertainment at it's Best, Technology at it's Finest!
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Keith Barrett

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Rubio, H-1B visas and lost STEM jobs

A middle-age IT professional drives from Chicago to ask Rubio what he's going to do about job loss due to H-1B.

#tech #technology #h1b #h-1b
The best question at a Rubio event in Iowa came from a man who drove 300 miles through a blizzard to ask it.
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Keith Barrett

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Happy Thanksgiving Respect
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Keith Barrett

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Disney IT Professionals Replaced By Foreign Contracting File Discrimination Claims

Several of the Disney IT professionals (nearly 10% of the previously reported 250 people, according to the numbers in this article), who were replaced in last year's Indian outsourcing, have filed labor discrimination claims about their terminations.

#disney #wdw #h1b #h-1b
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In an EEOC filing, it is illegal for a company to take any form of retaliation.
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Keith Barrett

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Still taking the new Google+ out for a drive, trying to separate what I'm not use to from what I genuinely have a challenge with. Here's a quick list:

1. POSTING. I have problems with the initial list of post destinations (i.e. collections, communities, public, etc.). The order doesn't make sense; no least used community is first. About 90% of the time I have to hit "more" to get the full list, which slows things down a lot.

2. EVENTS & HANGOUTS. I was a very heavy user of the integration between G+, Hangouts, and scheduling the event. Also of group posting photos to an event. I'm don't know now what my workflow will be for this type of activity.

3. SHARING. Being able to share to Facebook and Twitter from here is awesome, although I need to test it in detail on how it behaves. I wish linkedIn was included. This, plus using G+ comments in my blog, could force me to post my original content here first then share it from here.

4. SEO. I'm curious if G+ posts still have their Google Search recognition.

5. FOLLOWERS. I'm getting a LOT of new followers for my collections. I don't know if this is due to an ecosystem change, getting listed by Google+ as a recommendation, or other situation.

6. PHOTOS. I've already heard that photographers aren't happy about the change in access and visibility to Google photos, but I don't know the impact to me yet. I'll need to play.

7. ABOUT PAGE. Google announced new "About Me" pages, based on your G+ profile data. You still can't "view as public" so I don't know if this is going to look attractive or not. If they use as inspiration this could be interesting.

NOTE: I wish editing an existing post let you remove the auto-added link. I didn't mean for to get included.
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right now I dont' like it.......... have to go into classic G+ to rearrange my circles as which one I want to see first.
and the fact that events are missing from desktop is not good. and the ablitity to send someone a hangout message from G+ is gone.. now that is a stand alone feature. Not really happy about it.

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Keith Barrett

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Google+ Gets A Makeover

First thing I noticed was they destroyed the setting for my displaying cards as a single column. I've never been a fan of the "scattered" cards look.

Second thing was that some of the "hovering" no longer displays information about the users.

UPDATE: The menu links to photos, events and hangouts are also gone.

UPDATE 2: I also can't post sometimes. If the collection I was to post to requires me to hit the "More" button because it's not in the 1st few listed, I wait forever for the screen to update, and then after selecting it I can't do anything further. I've tried this 3 times (using Firefox).

UPDATE 3: My posts are working now, so perhaps it was addressed. I do like how we can now share on twitter and Facebook.
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I do like how you can now share directly to Twitter and Facebook. I need to play with these more and see if I agree with how it's performed.

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  • ITIL v3 Expert Certification
    CSME, 2011 - 2014
    ITIL Expert is the top certification in the IT industry. It is a framework for designing, deployment and supporting all IT services and working with the CEO on solving business goals.
  • RHCE
    Red Hat Employee, 1998 - 2000
    Was a Linux Engineer & Developer at Red Hat. Contributed to the actual content of the RHCE course.
    TOGAF 9, 2011 - 2011
    TOGAF 9 certification course
    Advanced Router Management, 1997 - 1997
    CISCO Router and EIGRP enterprise management.
  • KEANE Project Management
    Project Management, 1997 - 1997
    Project Management training
  • ITIL, LAMP, Java, C, Linux, SQL, PHP, XML, GitHub, Wordpress, Broadcasting
    Technology, 1979 - present
    Linux/LAMP/C Developer at Red Hat, IBM and DEC. Java/XML/SQL developer at Walt Disney Co. IT Projects Management at Walt Disney Co and Bayer Pharmaceuticals ($2Mil+). ITIL v3 Expert Certification. TOGAF 8 trained. High Availability, Security & Architecture steering committees at Bayer and Red Hat. Corporate Blogger & Open Source community leader at Red Hat. Webmaster at and Broadcaster and Internet show host at and
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Business Technology Leader, IT Project Manager, Developer and Social Media Strategist. Broadcaster & Owner of The Vidcast Network • Blogger Photography Enthusiast

"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. That's the dilemma of being an early adopter." - Me

Thank you for viewing my profile. I try to share informative and entertaining information, often of my own authorship. If you'd like to CIRCLE me, I'd tend to post about #Technology, #Social Media, #Rights / #Privacy, #Disney, #Google#GoogleGlass, #Humor #Geek and photos. You can learn more about me from interviews I did in 2010 2012, and 2013 (twice)

Past Google+ Recognitions
I AM ALSO A GOOGLE GLASS COMMUNITY LEADER and manage the Google+ Glass Owners Community_

Hiring Me

I'm always open to great opportunities. My greatest success is in IT Leadership roles and I look for Assoc. Director, Manager or Project Manager positions because of their diverse responsibilities and  authority. I have extensive backgrounds and hands-on experience in Computer Security, Architecture, Networking, and Social Media, so the best opportunities incorporate one or more of those. I also have an ITIL Expert Certification and TOGAF 9 training.

I'm open to software development opportunities, but I'm not currently an app, UX or iOS programmer. My expertise is in systems level programming, SaaS or Middleware. I'm the full-stack back-end or API guy. I have expert Linux and C skills, and average PHP, XML, SQL, REST and Java skills. I also enjoy Ruby. You can visit my GitHub repository.

The Walt Disney Company

I was employed at The Walt Disney Company for over 10 years in Technology, as a developer and project manager for high-availability revenue services, until 2015 when their controversial outsourcing to Indian contractors resulted in highly skilled professionals being laid off or forced early retirement. This became national news and prompted an investigation into H-1B Immigrant Visa exploits causing American job loss. Being the first person to come forward non-anonymously I was featured in the New York Times.

My title and responsibilities at Disney kept changing during my time there, but basically I was an individual contributor or team leader in Parks & Resorts Technology performing Software Development, SaaS Support and large Project Management depending on need. Some of the projects I personally handled include platform migration to Linux and Oracle for thousands of users, the roll-out of the first Gift Card service at Disney World, introducing client certification testing to ticketing, and automating manual bulk ticketing processes.

Disney World provided a wealth of technology distraction and professional opportunity [not to mention 43+ square miles of theme park property to enjoy]. And like many there my activities were not limited to my position. I also did press support at large media events, helped in the theme parks during the holidays, volunteered at "Give Kids The World Village", participated on creative solutions teams, assisted friends and families when they visited, beta tested new services and attractions, contributed to internal social media (I had one of the largest followings in the company), and sang in the Epcot Candlelight Processional Choir. 

Red Hat, IBM, Linux and Open Source

I've been part of Linux and Open Source since Linus first released kernel 0.99pl3 on USENET while in college and Richard Stallman started FSF. I was a SCSI driver beta tester for Linux, and I ran a free newsgroup server for the Waterbury CT area. I'm experienced with Jana, SLS, Slackware, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Knoppix and Ubuntu releases. On "Advogato" I'm rated by my peers as a "Master" of Linux

Because of my extensive backgrounds in Linux, middleware messaging, TCP/IP, high-availability services and cluster systems (I was a VMS middleware engineer at DEC in a previous life), I joined Red Hat in 1999 as employee #121 and Team Leader for developing High-Availability services in Linux. This was when Bob Young was still in charge and my team included well-known people like the creator of LVS, and Stephen Tweedie (creator of EXT2). I was a core developer of the Piranha Open Source project, co-creator of the "Red Hat High Availability Server" product (a competitor to Turbo Linux), project manager for global EXT3 beta testing, blogger and community manager for several Open Source projects, and QA tester for RH Linux V6-V7. During Red Hat's global expansion in 2000 we merged our HA technologies with acquisitions from other companies (such as "Mission Critical"), or into the core Linux product. In 2001 the "dot com" bubble collapsed, forcing Red Hat to shutdown some projects and layoff Engineers, including the HA team.

I've also done Linux contracting at IBM, and I've been a long promoter of Open Source and Linux, including at Disney.


Although I have a great relationship with Google and have many friends there (some who use to work with me at Red Hat), I've never worked for them. I'd like to; I've even interviewed with them twice, but the biggest obstacle has been my unwillingness to relocate my family to California without compensation far greater than I'm probably worth (blame Wall Street; the housing market collapse had a major impact on us financially). Google doesn't hire for telecommuting (which always struck me as odd).

Despite not working for Google, Googlers have been incredibly kind to me. My friend Adrian invited me to the beta launch of Google Wave, Ingress and Google+,  Vic Gundotra helped place me on the "Google+ Suggested Users" list for Technology twice (as well as he and Bradley Horowitz connecting me with people to help resolve problems), Chee Chew supported me during the beta launches of Hangouts and Hangouts On Air and during my show broadcasts, and I can't forget the Google Glass Team - they allowed me to be one of the first to own the device, designated me a Community Leader, gave me a tour of the Googleplex, and introduced me to all the Glass developers. One of the most memorable times in my career.

All these great people are why I'd love to work there someday. Thank you Googlers!

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

When I joined Bayer's Pharmaceutical Biologicals division (originally as a contractor), they had just networked all the desktops and badly needed someone to turn the stand-alone PCs to a LAN/WAN/Server infrastructure. The department had no staff or budget, but within 5 months I hands-on created an entire environment using mostly open Source, Linux, TCP/IP services, recycled hardware and modeling based on the Internet, I created and deployed NFS and Samba file services, military time sync, DNS, print services, shared CD-ROM towers, Microsoft Domain sign-on, remote patching & installations, intranet web services, documentation sharing, automated backups, email and more. I completed this with less finances than corporate used just to evaluate things. I was hired and promoted to department project manager, where over 5 years I created a team, cleaned up the wiring and data center, managed the routers, outsourced PC and network support, implemented standards, formed a help desk, handled GMP compliance, controlled technology evaluation and purchase, wired 12 new buildings, created business continuity & disaster recovery plans, created another data center, lead corporate steering committees on Security and Architecture, created the new division HQ, and much more. The ease, accuracy and efficiency of operations were greatly improved. By the time I left to join Red Hat, I had signatory authority of $10k, a staff of 8 direct reports, my own office, was in change of an annual operating budget over $1.2Mil and networking projects over $2Mil. This is an example how valuable my diverse experience is in software and hardware technologies, and how well I work when given the authority and trust.

This is a great example of the opportunities I seek in my career. I appreciate the freedom to identify and address problems.

Prior Background

I've worked primarily in technology development and infrastructure support for leaders in the computer, municipal, retail, financial, pharmaceutical, hospitality, and entertainment industries, at both large corporations and start-ups. This includes large Enterprises like IBM, Bayer, DEC, and Disney, government contracting for the USPS and Town of North Haven CT, and several startups (including Red Hat, and 2 of my own). This is why I have an unusual range of experiences and creative input. I also have a significant history in social networking and live broadcast production.

I began at DEC programming on PDP-11s and VAX/VMS. I was one of the developers of DECmessageQ (aka BEAmessageQ), the computer industry's first multi-platform messaging middleware. I was also one of the world's earliest adopters and beta testers of Linux (v0.99pl3 circa 1992) directly from Linus on USENET. At Bayer I designed, built and supported High Availability Enterprise Infrastructures at facilities in NC. Because of my long history with Open Source (rated "Master" by my peers), I became Red Hat employee #121 as their High Availability Services Team Leader on the Piranha Open Source project. I created the Linux High Availability Server product, the first "out of the box" secure Linux system, and I authored of much of the product manual and white-papers

[I was also the author of the original Internet FAQ for "The Prisoner" TV series, and a major contributor to the MST3k FAQ.]

Outside of work, I am an audio/video and home theater hobbyist, and a producer of video podcasts on The Vidcast Network. I've also studied sign language, been in an independent film, and until 2007 I owned a Caterham Seven roadster. 

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  • The Walt Disney Company
    Parks & Resorts Technology [retired], 2004 - 2015
    Development and support of tier-1 middleware revenue services and projects for global financial and ticketing transactions. Nominated for "Partners in Excellence" corporate award and letter of commendation from the VP of Walt Disney World Technology. Additional activities include internal Social Media and Open Source SME, PCI Compliance, Media/Press Event Liason, and Epcot Candlelight Processional Cast Choir.
  • Vidcast Network / Keith Barrett Online
    Founder, Owner, Producer, 2009 - 2015
    Journalist, broadcaster, video producer and web master for personal blog and live Internet shows. Hundreds of videos on Technology, Photography, Social Media, and Geek News. Frequent guest on Internet Shows and Podcasts.
  • IBM
    Linux Expert (Contracted), 2004 - 2004
    Converting proprietary POS products and technology to Suse Linux
  • Red Hat Software
    High Availability Technology Leader, Linux Developer, QA Tester, Community Blogger, 1999 - 2001
    Leader of Linux High Availability international team, Co-creator of the "Linux High Availability Server" product - the first "out of the box" secure Linux release, developer on "Piranha" Open Source project, QA Engineer on Linux 6.1 - 7.0 releases, corporate blogger and community manager.
  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals
    IT Project Manager / Infrastructure Architect, 1994 - 1999
    IT Project/Middle Manger for the hetrogenous LAN/WAN/Server infrastructure at 5 facilities in the Raleigh/RTP NC area for approximately 2000 users. Hands-on handled the architecture, security, network, deployment, support, and outsourcing responsibilities. Managed staff of 8 and operating budget of $1.2mil.
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
    Sr, Software Engineer, 1988 - 1993
    Co-author (in C language) of "DECmessageQ" (aka "BEAmessageQ") - the computer industry's first multi-platform message queuing middleware product. Also creator of the 3271 and 2780 protocol emulator products.
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