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Keith Barrett

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Google+ Collections'

I've created a several collections and populated them with a bunch of previous posts to get them started. I've learned a few things already:

1. Looks like Google+ gives you no control over whether the items in a public collection appear in your main stream or not, so my stream got flooded with the shares.

2. You can't share a circle in a collection. I don't quite understand why they'd prevent that for the owner. I started one collections by sharing my circle of source accounts for content..

3. Google+ REALLY needs a "find and merge duplicates" tool for photos. I have 5 copies of some photos (backups, original private upload, public share, album memberships). I which I would tell Google+ that a photo belongs in album xx and all the other ones should just be links to it. I'd also like to delete photos that never appeared in a post and never had activity against it.

4. Google+ automatically "subscribes" you to all public collections created by anyone in your circles, so I have a TON of collection memberships. I wish I could unfollow from all the ones that are empty.

I wonder what the limits are on Collections, and if uncircling someone then following their collections keeps the free slot open from the uncircle.

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Keith Barrett

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One of the photos they can arrange at Disney World
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Keith Barrett

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Someone likes my camera bag
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What to go with you please take me ..
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Keith Barrett

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Epcot at Dusk
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Keith Barrett

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with photography celebrity +Scott Jarvie 
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Keith Barrett

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Keith Barrett and Kimberly Ann Graham were tagged in Keith Barrett's photo.

Keith Barrett

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Keith Barrett

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Someone likes my camera bag
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very cute
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Keith Barrett

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Keith Barrett

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A few more photos of Team Disney Florida
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Land of dreams
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Keith Barrett

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Keith Barrett

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with Google Glass celebrity +Kimberly Ann Graham 
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I know. +Kimberly Ann Graham is ! And she has my sarcastic snarky sense of humor.
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  • ITIL, LAMP, Java, C, Linux, SQL, PHP, XML, HTML, GitHub, Wordpress, Broadcasting
    Technology, 1980 - present
    Linux/LAMP/C Developer at Red Hat, IBM and DEC. Java/XML/SQL developer at Walt Disney Co. IT Projects Management at Walt Disney Co and Bayer Pharmaceuticals ($2Mil+). ITIL v3 Expert Certification. High Availability, Security & Architecture steering committees at Bayer and Red Hat. Corporate Blogger & Open Source community leader at Red Hat. Webmaster at and Broadcaster and Internet show host at and
  • ITIL v3 Expert Certification
    CSME, 2012 - 2015
    ITIL Expert is the top certification in the IT industry.
  • RHCE
    Red Hat Employee, 1999 - 2001
    Was a Linux Engineer & Developer at Red Hat. Contributed to the actual content of the RHCE course.
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KeithBarrett, kgb, DisneyKeith, PlanetKeith
Tech Thought Leader, IT Manager, Developer & Broadcaster with Social Media Influence
IT Leader and Project Mgr (formally with Walt Disney Co & Bayer) with large Social Media Influence and a passion for emerging technology • Linux Developer (formally with Red Hat) • Social Media SME • Broadcaster & Owner of The Vidcast Network • Blogger Photography Enthusiast

"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. That's the dilemma of being an early adopter." - Me

I AM ALSO A GOOGLE GLASS COMMUNITY LEADER and manage the Google+ Glass Owners Community_

Thank you for viewing my profile. I try to share informative and entertaining information, often of my own authorship. If you'd like to CIRCLE me, I'd tend to post about #Technology, #Social Media, #Rights / #Privacy, #Disney, #Google#GoogleGlass, #Humor #Geek and photos. You can learn more about me from interviews I did in 2010 2012, and 2013 (twice)

G+ Related Recognition

Hangout Broadcasts

The easiest way to see my past hangouts is to visit them on the Vidcast Network site or the YouTube Channel.

The Walt Disney Company

I worked at The Walt Disney Company for over 10 years in technology revenue service sustainment, projects and development until 2015, when internal service outsourcing resulted in early retirement. My title and responsibilities kept changing during that time, but basically I was an individual contributor or team leader in Parks & Resorts Technology performing Software Development, Service Support and Project Management depending on need. Some of the projects I personally handled include platform migration to Linux and Oracle, the rollout of the first Gift Card services at Disney World, and automating manual bulk processes.

Disney World provided a wealth of technology distraction and professional opportunity [not to mention 43+ square miles of theme park property to enjoy]. And like many at Disney my activities were not limited to my position. I also did press support at media events, helped in the theme parks, volunteered at "Give Kids The World Village", participated on creative solutions teams, assisted friends and families when they visited, beta tested new services and attractions, contributed to internal social media (I had one of the largest followings in the company), and sang in the Epcot Candlelight Processional Choir. 

Red Hat, Linux and Open Source

I've been part of Linux and Open Source since Linus first released kernel 0.99pl3 on USENET and Stallman started FSF. I was a SCSI driver beta tester back then, and I ran a free newsgroup server for the Waterbury CT area. I'm experienced with Jana, SLS, Slackware, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Knoppix and Ubuntu releases. On "Advogato" I'm rated by my peers as a "Master" of Linux

Because of my extensive backgrounds in Linux, middleware messaging, tcp/ip, high availability and cluster systems (I was a VMS middleware engineer at DEC in a previous life), I joined Red Hat in 1999 as employee #121 and Team Leader for developing High Availability services in Linux. This was when Bob Young was still in charge and my team included well-known people like the creator of LVS, and Stephen Tweedie (creator of EXT2). I was a core developer of the Piranha Open Source project, co-creator of the "Red Hat High Availability Server" product (defeating competitor Turbo Linux), project manager for global EXT3 beta testing, blogger and community manager for several Open Source projects, and QA tester for RH Linux V6-V7. During Red Hat's global expansion in 2000 we merged our HA technologies with acquisitions from other companies (such as "Mission Critical"), or into the core Linux product. In 2001 the "dot com" bubble collapsed, forcing Red Hat to shutdown some projects and layoff Engineers, including the HA team.


Although I have a great relationship with Google and have many friends there (some who use to work with me at Red Hat), I've never worked for them. I'd like to; I've even interviewed with them twice, but the biggest obstacle has always been my unwillingness to relocate my family to California without compensation greater than I'm probably worth (blame Wall Street; the housing market collapse had a major impact on us financially). Google doesn't hire for telecommuting (which always struck me as odd).

Despite not working for Google, Googlers have been incredibly kind to me. My friend Adrian invited me to the beta launch of Google Wave, Ingress and Google+,  Vic Gundotra helped place me on the "Google+ Suggested Users" list for Technology (as well as he and Bradley Horowitz connecting me with people to help resolve problems), Chee Chew supported me during the beta launches of Hangouts and Hangouts on air and during my show broadcasts, and I can't forget the Google Glass Team - they allowed me to be one of the first to own the device, designated me a Glass Community Leader, gave me a tour of the Googleplex, and introduced me to all the Glass developers. 

All these great people are why I'd love to work there someday. Thank you Googlers!

Prior Background

I've worked primarily in technology development and infrastructure support for leaders in the computer, municipal, retail, financial, pharmaceutical, hospitality, and entertainment industries, at both large corporations and start-ups. This is why I have an unusual range of experiences and creative input. I also have a significant history in social networking and live broadcast production.

I began at DEC programming on PDP-11s and VAX/VMS. I was one of the developers of DECmessageQ (aka BEAmessageQ), the computer industry's first multi-platform messaging middleware. I was also one of the world's earliest adopters and beta testers of Linux (v0.99pl3 circa 1992) directly from Linus on USENET. At Bayer I designed, built and supported High Availability Enterprise Infrastructures at facilities in NC. Because of my long history with Open Source (rated "Master" by my peers), I became Red Hat employee #121 as their High Availability Services Team Leader on the Piranha Open Source project. I created the Linux High Availability Server product, the first "out of the box" secure Linux system, and I authored of much of the product manual and white-papers

[I was also the author of the original Internet FAQ for "The Prisoner" TV series, and a major contributor to the MST3k FAQ.]

Outside of work, I am an audio/video and home theater hobbyist, and a producer of video podcasts on The Vidcast Network. I've also studied sign language, in an independent film, and until 2007 I owned a Caterham Seven roadster. 

Sample Google+ Contributions:
Google+ Profile +KeithBarrett
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Bragging rights
Original Google Glass Explorer • G+ User since 6/29/11 • 1st to stream Hangouts • 1st to host a NASA Hangout • Driven Disney World Monorail • Been on TWiT (4x) • Been on MST3k set • In IMDB (
IT Manager, Broadcaster & Developer with large Social Media Influence
IT Project Mgmt, ITIL, Security, High Availability, Social Media, Programming (C, PHP, SQL, Java, XML, HTML, CSS), Linux, TCP/IP Expert, Open Source, Mac OS X, Message Queuing, Eclipse, CVS, github, emacs, Wordpress, Live Streaming, Video Production
  • The Walt Disney Company
    Parks & Resorts Technology [retired], 2004 - 2015
    Development and support of tier-1 middleware revenue services and projects for global financial and ticketing transactions. Nominated for "Partners in Excellence" corporate award and letter of commendation from the VP of Walt Disney World Technology. Additional activities include internal Social Media and Open Source SME, PCI Compliance, Media/Press Event Liason, and Epcot Candlelight Processional Cast Choir.
  • Vidcast Network / Keith Barrett Online
    Founder, Owner, Producer, 2009 - 2015
    Journalist, broadcaster, video producer and web master for personal blog and live Internet shows. Hundreds of videos on Technology, Photography, Social Media, and Geek News. Frequent guest on Internet Shows and Podcasts.
  • IBM
    Linux Expert (Contracted), 2004 - 2004
    Converting proprietary POS products and technology to Suse Linux
  • Red Hat Software
    High Availability Technology Leader, Linux Developer, QA Tester, Community Blogger, 1999 - 2001
    Leader of Linux High Availability international team, Co-creator of the "Linux High Availability Server" product - the first "out of the box" secure Linux release, developer on "Piranha" Open Source project, QA Engineer on Linux 6.1 - 7.0 releases, corporate blogger and community manager.
  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals
    IT Project Manager / Infrastructure Architect, 1994 - 1999
    IT Project/Middle Manger for the hetrogenous LAN/WAN/Server infrastructure at 5 facilities in the Raleigh/RTP NC area for approximately 2000 users. Hands-on handled the architecture, security, network, deployment, support, and outsourcing responsibilities. Managed staff of 8 and operating budget of $1.2mil.
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
    Sr, Software Engineer, 1988 - 1993
    Co-author (in C language) of "DECmessageQ" (aka "BEAmessageQ") - the computer industry's first multi-platform message queuing middleware product. Also creator of the 3271 and 2780 protocol emulator products.
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