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Is anyone else with a Verizon Galaxy Nexus suddenly able to download the official +Google Wallet app from the Google Play store?  Earlier today, I was able to download the official app on my stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus (along with my Nexus 7) without any hacks or tricks.  Although there are plenty of articles covering the new support of all major credit cards, no news story has mentioned it being officially available on any Verizon phones (ex. this NYT article which only mentions Sprint and Virgin Mobile as the only official supporters).  Perhaps this is a side-effect of the FCC's punishment of Verizon's app-blocking tactics regarding tethering apps yesterday. #Android #galaxynexus  

EDIT: For those who aren't familiar with the issue, Verizon had previously been blocking this app from their Galaxy Nexus phones despite it being technically compatible.  This is point of contention because such business interests had not previously been allowed to restrict legal apps from a 'Nexus' phone.  The Google Wallet app has already been available on the GSM Galaxy Nexus.
Google updated its Wallet mobile payment app for using cellphones to pay at stores, so people can link any credit card to it. But the app still works with only six Sprint and Virgin Mobile phones, whi...
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Thanks for posting, I didn't even know of the update until just now.
Keith, may want to mention/change the article on Engadget a bit.  I had success with having an older version of Wallet installed, via the APK found from various forums.  Then, only when I went to the source link from a PC, was I able to hit install, and it "reinstalled" the app aka updated it on the phone.  That was what I did specifically to get it working.  I'm on a rooted VZW Gnex, with 4.1.1 VarnirAOSP (rooted)
+Matt Smith: It sounds like we have one similarity.  Although my phone is stock 4.0.4, I had side-loaded a previous version of Wallet, which I completely uninstalled prior to installing the official version over-the-air.  Even when I go back to the web store now, it lists my "Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus" as a compatible device.

+Wyatt Neal: I pretty much install all of my apps from the web store, so I never tried to search for the app on my phone itself.
It says not available on my carrier. Verizon Galaxy S3
For it to work on Verizon's GS3 you have to be rooted as of now. A lot of hoops to jump through thanks to big red.
+Keith Achorn I tried to find it on the web store and at the time it didn't say it was compatible; however, this morning it's showing up as telling me to go ahead and install it.  I removed my side loaded version and still managed to install it from both the web and from clicking on the link on the Google Wallet page which takes you directly to the app in the Play Store on the phone; still not luck on having the search results of the play store return a valid option though.
lol when i go online it doesnt let me and i still cant find it on the play store on mine :( gnex vz  JB
Once again I think it has been blocked from doing it the "easy" way.
Michael, go look up the APK, and side-load it to your phone.  That's the only way I can get it to work now, and there are plenty of APK's floating around that have been patched to work. 
alright will do later tonight. Thanks
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