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Wow.. Samsung... The future is here! 
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I was planning to buy new phone and the new G Note is not a phone. Maybe wait for Nexus.
I've a Galaxy S3 ^^¨
I love Samsung this Tablet is awesome !
But you know we will see a Galaxy Tab 11.8 :P
+Keisha Montalban do you want a big phone? and what service provider do you use? I can help you make an informed decision on what to buy for your next phone. 
"iPhone 5" is actually called "The new iPhone" and it's still going to be an iPhone. Which means, not that great. They are going to have a 4" 16:9 720p display now. That and bigger with the same resolution and faster hardware and open source software to do whatever you want, has been out on android phones for the longest time. The new iPhone only impresses apple fanboys who like to be limited by whatever apple lets them have. like +Philip Alexandre Bolay 
+Keisha Montalban all phones have power and volume keys as physical buttons. As far as the front of the phone, there are a lot of android phones with only soft keys on the front or just one physical key for home. I own many phones myself. I work in this business. It all depends on what your looking for. A smaller good size one would be the incredible 4g or much bigger like the Samsung galaxy S3. But I wouldn't go with a motorola phone now a days. They have been pretty bad for a while.

I also don't like physical keyboards. I think your the same way.

Let me know If you have any questions, and anymore detail If you like.
Cant wait till the price is revealed.
+Philip Alexandre Bolay I'm sorry to tell you that your contradiction doesn't seem to be very factual. You enjoy the IOS more. that good for you. I don't try to convert IOS lovers to Android. those people are set in there ways with the IOS. However i have shown my Android devices to iphone users before and they are amazed with the options that i'm able to have that is not available on the IOS. It's very funny sometimes. Open source doesn't only have to do with developers. The end user can reap the benefits from the developers on this too. for IOS to get the same experience you would have to jailbreak the iPhone in which i have had to do for many IOS users. I have that experience as well. for people who like to customize their phones, iPhone is a hassle because you would have to jailbreak it and Android can have the whole look and feel of the phone changed at will. Apple doesn't want there OS to look different from what they set it to. there are many example but one i could bring up is that fact that google voice wasn't accepted in the app store because it had a dial pad and apple didn't want their users to have a dial pad other then theirs. as if people would be confused. NO. As for the new iPhone if apple wanted to please their customers then they should come out with two sizes. no one is 100% about the size but all information is pointing to what i said before. Being that their dummy units are at that size they are right now.  As far as user experience, do you really believe that the IOS has a good Navigation system. They have lacked on that for years while Google Maps and Navigation have been great. I know you can't argue with that. IOS has a lot of catching up to do, and i'm sure that they will make progress, but I don't know if they will ever catch up.

Hope your happy with your limitations on your IOS. lots of people are. I wouldn't be able to take it.

Good luck 
+Philip Alexandre Bolay Best user experience?
Tell me how do you transfer all the photos and videos you took on your vacations / party / whatever with someone else on your iDevices?

I'll tell you how I do it with mine: I just touch the devices together.
Now tell Apple to copy that too and patent it, and then sue all Android OEM's.
I can just swap microSD cards... :P
+Philip Alexandre Bolay Interesting comment...what you described is your own personal experience but its not really a true generalisation of the Android eco-system...not really bothered what anyone uses but always get the slight negative comments from my mates who love their beloved iPhones, even when I show them a bit of Android magic....they still question small one...getting a call, and auto-responding with a text option! (Which BTW is in the next iOS release!)......notifications which has been at the heart of Android day one....another feature now enhanced in iOS (and it should be) all for the user experience! I could go on....but for me and my own experience its brilliant. You mention bigger screens....whatever anyone says...size wise...its mention great user experience....that 3.5 inch screen has been around for 4 gens of iPhone.....from what I can see more squinting and holding your phone to your faces....a experience I've never endured (once I left my iPhone) because I've had the choice of sizes....lastly the N7....I'm a daily user.....its dope (for me that is!) ... and one last thing......another user experience that I enjoy.....a cable from my phone to my PS3 game controller allows me to play games natively, no sum up.....for me I prefer a walk in the park with my Android rather then being couped up indoors with my iPhone.....that's solely my experience and how I felt.... iOS is a great OS....but definitely not for ME. I could go on.....but I got some shooting to do on my N7, Dead Trigger with my controller....bring it.....
In that video why oh WHY didn't they demo the most important feature of the whole damn thing which is pen input! I was really hoping to see it used for brush and pencil work but instead we just get to see some layers and filters being used?
+Dan Murray
Check this out... Am pretty sure PC Mag ain't fanboys..
PCMag Declares the iPhone 5 as 'The Fastest Smartphone in the Land'

After running the iPhone 5 through five different benchmark tests, PCMag declares it 'the fastest smartphone in the land'.

Well not sure about "all the market is Dumb" statement. It is a good phone with a good eco-system even though not for me but I understand its placement. Having played with the phone, it certainly seems smooth, got the usual functionality, IOS6 adds some tricks even thou functionality has been borrowed from other OS's (Great ideas can come from anywhere). The phone looks similar to the 4/4S but slightly longer/bigger screen and better inards! Benchmarks are not real world examples its more of a hardware test for me....the next phone will be even faster who cares! I dont own a iPhone and the people next to me at the Apple store had to reach for there iPhone 4/4S to see if it actually was different and were kinda baffled by how similar it all looked!   I was comparing my GNex maps with the Apple Maps offering and must say Apple maps is premature, its not to that "Apple" standard, and maps is a major use of phones nowadays it the best phone..... well for someone it is....for me definately not.....just because of how I personally use my phone. Im waiting to test the Nokia Lumia 920 tha excites me terms of the masses...there are alot of folks who dont know anything else but iPhone, I think this is now changing with the SGS3/HTC One X/Nokia phones as the marketing push on these products are getting through! and people are getting to know more about other choices! Thats a good thing.
+Philip Alexandre Bolay I would argue that it depends on the end user. For me as a business owner while iOS has plenty of apps for productivity it lacks the customization that I have with Android to streamline the activities I do for my business. And as a power mobile user I dont think there is any difference at all between the "accuracy and professionalism" of iOS and Android. I use a lot and I mean a lot of google services for my business and for me there is no match between which OS to go to. Now I want to point out that I dont knock iOS and what it does or is, I also feel that having choices is a huge benefit for all of us. Can you imagine if there was only iOS or Android or WP8? 
+Damien Hayes +Philip Alexandre Bolay I have to agree with Damien on this, you mention "Accuracy" and "Professionalism" in regards to apps, functionality and its only for the serious user! Reading that to me has no standing ....lets take iOS6 .. which should be the latest, greatest and an even more professional and accurate system! There are wifi problems on devices, issues with apps, issues with Maps (public apology from Tim Cook himself!) And the issues go on! These things can happen in all eco-systems but the maps issue....'NO' they should have done right by their consumers...who in my opinion make up lets take Android not only is it fun but it also has amazing functionality and professionalism... its grown year by year (its 4 years old!...) .. the military are developing phones for their troops based on Android, the kindle is based on Android and that's to name a few! I use Android as my choice and i have used others but i just cant take the restrictions that are put on me by iOS (i understand them up to a point but its not for me) e.g. I use maps alot...within iOS5 there are so many steps depending on what you need to do....even to share something....Android is intuitive enough to present you with many options e.g. share? Ok...mail?, text?, watsapp?, fb?, tweet? Etc that's 2/3 steps logical iOS there are several dependant on the conditions or manually copy then do what you need... bottom line .. what an Android ecosystem gives me 'Work Smarter... Not Harder !!'. I'm not swaying anyone in fact I'm very eager to try the W8/Nokia 920 ecosystem.... me well I'm a serious professional and my Jelly Bean/1 year old Gnex is an insane combo, logical, fast, accurate.....your statement is definitely wild and incorrect! when it comes to myself as a user.
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