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Physics Enthusiast with a penchant for strong tea.
Physics Enthusiast with a penchant for strong tea.


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Longboards made from space rocket scrap material?! YUP! Awesome AND ethical.

Aileron, 121c's first board, was launched on Kickstarter in the summer of 2015. This was the first board to be made from carbon fiber material that's been discarded from production lines of modern day spacecrafts and rockets. It was such a success, that the following year the Rover, a smaller, more durable board was launched and it too was a hit. Now it's time to listen to our longboard fans!

Please share the crap out of our kickstarter!

#skateboards #space #rockets
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Gearing Up for that Total Solar Eclipse!

Happy SUNday! How many of you are going to watch the total solar eclipse next month? At our amateur astronomer's meeting, our speaker mentioned that if you haven't already set a plan in motion, you're probably going to have an extremely hard time booking anything this late. I'm setting plans because it's taking place on my birthday week! What better way to celebrate your birthday than a total solar eclipse?!

+NASA posted this video on their social networks today, explaining why this is a rare event. Check it out! If you're staying local and you won't be near the eclipse's path, you'll still be able to see some coverage! (Just not the moment of totality.) Be sure to wear protective eye gear regardless! Happy planning!
A Helpful Glossary of Solar Eclipse Terms:

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This New Particle Has So Much Charm

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider thrusted two protons for its LHCb experiment and produced a new particle. This new fella is a type of baryon, a subatomic particle that has a mass equal to or greater than a proton. Baryons are made up of quarks, and this particular one has two charm quarks and an up quark. This is the first of its kind to have 2 charms. (Charm quarks are heavy, while upquarks are light.) Oxford physicist, Guy Wilkinson, was part of the experiment and noted:

The two heavy quarks are in a dance that's just like the interaction of a star system with two suns and the third lighter quark circles the dancing pair. gives us a very unique and interesting laboratory to give us an interesting new angle on the behavior of the strong interaction (between particles), which is one of the key forces in nature.


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Juno Reveals Jupiter's Mischievous Storm

I'm thoroughly enjoying all the witty one-liner headlines breaking the news about the new Jupiter images! Hard to bring anything new to the table as I sit here in awe of that infamous red spot on my favorite planet. If you haven't already checked out the images, you should.

NASA's space probe, Juno, launched 6 years ago and went in orbit around Jupiter one year ago this month. Since then, Juno's been sending us some pretty spectacular images, and these new ones don't disappoint.

Juno Cam:

Who's Juno?

#GreatRedSpot #Juno #Jupiter
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Military in Space

So, we're back to this. Military officials insisting that the US needs space fortifications. What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I think eventually it might be necessary (because, well, PEOPLE and their peopleness), but I don't understand how this doesn't sound ridiculous right now, as we're living in times where climate change deniers are writing policies.


What are your thoughts, fellow plusers?

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Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Nikola Tesla was born to a Serbian family on the 10th of July in 1856, close to the stroke of midnight, during a lightning storm. According to legend, the midwife pointed out the midnight lightning storm was a bad omen and declared, "He'll be a child of darkness." Bothered by this, Tesla's mother replied, "No, he will be a child of light."

That he was, Mama Tesla. That he was...

Below we have fellow legend, David Bowie, playing Nikola Tesla in The Prestige.
Animated Photo
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Time Crystals

I'm not sure how this escaped me in January. Perhaps my mundane clutter of "important affairs" was consuming me. No matter! Here is some shine for your Monday morning: Norman Yao, a UC Berkeley assistant professor of physics, put together a blueprint for how to create and measure time crystals, using physicist, Frank Wilczek's idea of time crystals back in 2012, published in the journal, Physical Review Letters. A time crystal is basically a four-dimensional state of matter with a periodic, atomic structure. (Remember: Crystals are crystals because they have patterns of atoms, ions, or molecules that repeat along ordinary directions of a three-dimensional space.) A time crystal has a repeating pattern not only in space, but also in time! This allows the structures to maintain a constant pulse without energy.

After the blueprints were written, two groups of scientists at the University of Maryland and Harvard University actually created them! Both experiments using lasers and trapped ions successfully passed peer-review. How cool is that?! One guy says, "hey this is not impossible and here's how I worked it out" and people come together to make it happen. This isn't the power of positive affirmations; this is the power of people working together to make shi* happen. :)

Further Reading:

Read the abstract here:

#timecrystals #physics

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What's Happening to Our Reefs?

It was this same coral bleaching I saw in the Maldives last year, all due to heat stress, increasingly acidic waters, and rising sea levels. While plunging into the reef at sunrise every morning was probably among of my top joyful moments I've ever felt, I couldn't help but notice the little graveyard I was swimming over. It was my first time snorkeling in a remote, tropical island and I truly expected to see more colors than the varying shades of white, grey, and beige beneath me.

I don't want to make this sound like it took away from the overall magical stay, but there was a small part of me that felt down about it and wanted to ask the resort staff. However, this almost felt to me like asking a burn victim, "what happened?" You know what happened and it might seem rude to be the 100th person to ask. I overheard some people at breakfast one morning talking about the coral bleaching and how we all just avoid the elephant in the room. I so regret not chiming into the conversation. There was indeed a pretty big, dead elephant lying on the reef. :(

More worth checking out:

Support Coral Reef Alliance:

#CoralReefPreservation #GlobalWarming
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Happy 4th of July!

Here's some science for your ooh-ahhs today!

Courtesy of Brian Greene
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Super Science Heroes

This extraordinary project is over 100% funded, but that doesn't mean you can't still be a part of it for the next 3 days of the campaign or that you shouldn't know about its awesomeness. Science Connected and the The Marie Curie Alumni Association are teaming up to help children (especially young girls!) realize they too can be super heroes.

As the project noted in the video, up until recently, super heroes mainly relied on supernatural abilities. While a lot of this type of science fiction can be exciting, it's hardly relatable, and in my opinion, keeps kids on the couch and out of the lab. This illustrated children's book features real stories of real abilities that your kids can not only relate to, but strive to make better. Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence helps little girls, in particular, know that they too can harness super powers to make change in the world and thus become super science heroes.

h/t to +Steven Spence and +Kate Stone for sharing the news!

#sciencefundraiser #indiegogo #womeninstem

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