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Slough Aspire breakfast meeting on Wednesday was very well attended with over 45 people on a cold and frosty January morning.

A great opportunity for small and medium size businesses to meet and network, as well as the chance to enter the free prize draw for a bottle of champagne.

Today there was also a very informative talk by Steve Catchick of Performance Counts on how to start giving a presentation – from the one to one meeting to the larger event presentations. It was covering the way you can come across to your audience, the way you can improve your image and self presentation, where to stand to make an impact and even the smile you need to create the right atmosphere. Walking out with an air of confidence, talk with authority, don’t stand too far away from the audience, all important aspects that will effect the whole process.

All of this was aimed at the beginning of your presentation, before it has even kicked off into the spoken section.

Other points that came out were about the presentation; not to put much text on a power-point, if anything just images and a speech bubble, turning it off between points. Use stories and anecdotes to make your points, telling a story is more memorable than a list of points and dull information and statistics.

Surely just by writing this down I’m falling fowl of some of these points by listing them!

So that’s your homework – make that next speech/presentation more of a commanding performance

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Business Rate rises on 1st April 2017

How will this effect your business? Potentially very badly. If you are in the South East of the UK where property prices have risen the new value put on premises could have a dramatic increase on the amount you will have to pay.
See our full article on the Kehorne Blog

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Kehorne launch the new MidasPlus web site. . This local charity is great and tries to help the disadvantaged in Middlesex, Surrey and surrounding areas. As ever they are always looking for help and support from local businesses so get in touch and see how you can help!

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Technology in Bionic Body Parts
Over the past few years the technology for “bionic” body parts has sped on at a pace – driven in some way by the number of service personal returning home with life changing injuries.
There was a time when the army medical centre at Headley Court had a specialist arrive once a week to help the soldiers with the fitting and use of new limbs. This weekly service from one person is now a department staffed full-time by several people! As demand has risen so has the funding and then the research and development has forged ahead to bring some amazing advances in this area.
see the full article

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Solar Power – is it the future of renewable energy?

Elon Musk (of Space X, Tesla and PayPal fame) has a very clear vision for the future, and this future puts removing our reliance on carbon based energy front and centre of his plans. Of course the products his companies have developed feature heavily in this plan, and are aiming to be the complete (and integrated) package to achieve this.

His vision is simple, we all fit the new SolarCity solar roof tiles to our houses (he is the majority shareholder), we connect them to a Tesla Powerwall to store the Electric (he is the driving force behind Tesla), and then run our houses and charge our Tesla cars with the stored energy. The whole system is integrated and will work together. We think this is an important and brave step into the post carbon world and added to his track record of producing inventions that work he is one voice that should be listened to.

See the full article

On October 27th Kehorne attended the Thames Valley Expo in Green Park Reading.
This was the first time I had attended this event in Reading. As a business park it is a great location, the parking is easy with plenty of available parking although the nearest slots were full there were enough close by. The business park is set in some very lovely surroundings with plenty of water, trees and grassland to take away the oppressive feel that some business parks have.

The Expo itself had about 100 companies exhibiting and plenty of opportunity to move around and meet with these companies to find out what is available in the Thames Valley. There was a good spread of companies covering services such as banking, marketing and finance. Some very interesting franchise opportunities and some great venues showing what they had to offer.

Overall well worth the trip and I would recommend this to anyone in the future to attend. The next Expo is in Windsor on May 12th

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WordPress can go wrong
Kehorne recently had the pleasure of rebuilding a site that was originally done in WordPress but the person responsible for the site build had "disappeared". This is an issue when dealing with the cheaper end of the market when a one man band is building sites.

We suspect the person was starting to have issues with the sites he had built as they started to go wrong and he just walked away.
A WordPress site can and should be a very reliable platform for a site but the Plugins are where the problems usually start as they are not kept as up to date as the main site, leading to issues with compatibility and online security.
Often when a site is built it is normally limited in size but as time goes on it can grow and in this case was now over 70 pages that needed to be recreated. A fairly major job when not all the passwords where available to gain the access we required to move the site.
Our full article is

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Live Streaming and where it is going?

Live Streaming of events is really taking off. In the main it is based around sport, with NBA basketball and NFL American football already well planted. It could be argued that the success of the NFL to live stream games has put the terrestrial coverage out of business as it is now only available online or through Sky Sports.

The growth in streaming is obviously down to the increase in high speed internet and 4G phone coverage, enabling people to now watch live events on their phones.

Facebook has put aside $50m (£38m) for live video and Google’s YouTube said its views of live video was up 80pc year-on-year although the actual figures have not been released so a baseline of actual viewers is not available.

But it is in the sports arena that the most obvious application has occurred, and just recently in Germany and Japan services have started that give users a wide selection of English Premier League football, American NFL, NBA basketball amongst others to watch on live streaming.

The reason behind the initial move into Japan and Germany is purely down to the infrastructure available in these countries. Live streaming requires high bandwidth as well as a constant high quality signal over more of the area than currently available in many other countries.

The situation seems to draw a parallel with the advent of satellite TV, where for many years it was the preserve of the population that could afford this as a luxury, whereas now many of these services are considered essential household items.

So far the main players are Sky, who have now invested heavily in their live streaming services, but still the market is open to smaller players as the main heavyweights (Netflix, Twitter, Yahoo) are still sitting on the sidelines.

Personally I think the analogy with satellite TV will see it go through a painful period before it really takes off. Imagine - live sports on your mobile phone. Soon we will wonder how we did without it!

We are now used to seeing video on most web sites and in fact its perhaps the best medium to show people what our businesses do. But with live streaming on the horizon I would recommend that anyone who is thinking of a new site keeps in mind this next progression as I'm sure it will become the norm and current hosting solutions should have this as a consideration.

Feel free to contact us at Kehorne if there is anything we can do to help you with your current site or if you just need to discuss your options going forward.

It is not so important right now but I foresee live streaming becoming part of social media, which is becoming essential in business even if it is the occasional post to existing clients/suppliers.

1 in 4 of the over 65's are using social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. They are becoming known as "Instagran".

I actually thought this would be higher, although the figures suggest an increase of 50% last year so I expect this figure to be much higher in the next few years as more and more of the current generation move into this age group. Of course the younger group who are more adapt at using social media in their everyday lives.

9 out of 10 under 35's are using social media and in the 55 to 64 year old category 1 in 2 are using it, thus we can see the up coming trend . The number of under 35's using social media has plateaued and this is unlikely to increase as I suspect that by this point in peoples lives, if they are not interested in social media they are unlikely to be swayed into every using it.

So what are the favourites with the over 65's? Undoubtedly it is Facebook as they are using this to keep in touch with family and friends, primarily to view photos and updates, but 1 in 5 of the over 65's are uploading content. I know from personal experience that getting the over 65's to use Facebook can be difficult but having forced my parents into using it on the premise that this way they can see what the grandchildren are up to, they are now actively, and happily, using it, and let us not forget that this is the generation that grew up with the majority of their lives with no internet!

This is showing businesses the growing power of social networks and how best to target your audience. It is still very much a growing marketplace and worth considering if your product or service is targeting the older sector of society.

Office of National Statistics

So where exactly is the UK economy going?
Not an easy question to answer because the situation keeps evolving. Today interests rates go down to an all time low of 0.25%. There was the news that there is a 50% chance that the UK will go into recession and foreign currency rates have slipped making us cheaper for foreigners and the "staycation" effect will kick in as people find it too expensive to go abroad.
This will be making the UK a much more interesting prospect for foreign visitors. Hotels and tourist resorts will benefit and all the attractions around the country will do good business.
Considering the amount of tourism that goes on in this country verses manufacturing it could bode well for the economy.
I just hope the press do not talk us into a recession.... There is still great opportunities in the market place, it's just going to take a little bit more effort to get them.
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