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It's Cover Reveal Day for Shattered Love by Stacey Marie Brown.

New Adult standalone coming on May 10th!
#BrokenHearts #FreshStart #NewBeginnings #IsHeOrIsntHe

Title: Shattered Love
Author: Stacey Marie Brown
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date:May 10, 2018
Cover Designer: Dane Low at e-book launch

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Everyone has a story about a broken heart, but Jaymerson’s heart wasn’t just broken. It was completely shattered…

Along with her body and mind.

Jaymerson Holloway had it all. Popularity, boyfriend, good grades—until one moment—one bad decision. A split second and her life was altered forever. Faced with unimaginable grief and guilt, while learning to simply walk again, Jaymerson knows nothing will never be the same. Family and friends want her to get back to how things were before. But she’s no longer that girl.

The only one who understands what she is going through is someone who she has always hated. The other survivor.
Hunter Harris is totally off-limits and full of secrets of his own.
Though each blame the other for the tragedy, they start to help each other repair their shattered lives.
But as the undeniable pull between them intensifies, Jaymerson starts to wonder if she will ever learn the secrets Hunter’s been hiding—or if she even wants to. Stacey Marie Brown
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Wishing Well by Lily White is LIVE on ALL PLATFORMS!

Wishing Well is a standalone romantic suspense. #WishingWellRelease #SexGames #Hotel #PsychThriller #Manipulation Lily White

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The perfect timing of a fairy tale is tied to its tragedy…

Journalist, Meadow Graham, is invited to interview death row inmate, Vincent Mercier. Given three days to hear his sordid confession, Meadow seeks to learn why a wealthy hotel owner killed four people, including her twin sister.

Sensually exotic and enigmatic, Vincent details his deception while bragging about the amusement he took in manipulating Meadow’s sister.

Their interview is a battle of wills.

His story is a twisted web of coercion and lies.

And the tragedy is too perfect to be real.

Will Meadow discover all of Vincent’s secrets while she fights to protect her own?
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Whispers Of My Skin by Susana Mohel is NOW LIVE on all platforms!
This a standalone romantic western.
#WhispersOfMySkinPromo #NewRelease #BuyNow
#Western #Romance #SecondChanceRomance

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About the Book
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
That’s what they say, right?
Well, I guess it must be true because I’m desperate.
And I’m about to take desperate measures.
That’s why I’m standing at his door, preparing to face him. Even though we are no longer what we used to be. Even though he doesn’t love me as he once did.
The girl he loved is no more, she vanished.
So did he.
Both gone with the wind, left behind in the mists of time.
We grew up, moved on.
But just when it seems there’s nothing left between us, there comes a second chance.
A whisper that grows, won’t be ignored, can’t be ignored as it ensnares us, entwines us.
Whispers of love.
Whispers of my skin.
Susana Mohel
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Recklessly Devoted by Emily Bowie is now LIVE on all platforms!
#RecklesslyDevotedPromo #NewRelease #BuyNow
#EnemiesToLovers #Romance #SmallTown #Standalone

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Cassy Campbell

For one night of fun I kissed a man whose name I never cared to know. I pushed down all of the rules I had in place for myself with this one act of selfishness. No one had to know, and I could lie to myself that it never happened. People don’t remember tourists, and neither should I. It’s not like he was marriage material anyway.
No one is more surprised than me when a year goes by and that tourist becomes my freakishly hot, annoying, cocky neighbor who looks at me like a predator stalking his prey.

He is everything I was told to never go for, yet I can’t escape this feeling of being drawn to him.

Brody Bennett
After surviving a military accident, my entire future is in shambles, the only life I’ve ever known ripped from me. Attempting to run from my ego, I find myself in the small town of Three Rivers, where I can forget my problems and annoy my two younger brothers. Misery loves company, right?

It doesn’t take long for my sights to narrow in on an incredibly sexy blonde. The problem is she looks at me like she wants to squish me like a bug.

As shocking twists and deadly truths spiral out of control, I am forced to fight for the people who matter most in my life.

Rules are broken, hearts are trampled, and the lies that hold everything perfectly in place are torn down.

This is book three in the Bennett Brothers Series, it is told in dual POV, and has a HEA. Since characters do play recurring roles, reading book one (Recklessly Mine) and book two (Recklessly Forbidden) in the series, is recommended; however, it can be read as a standalone.

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❄ Outnumbered by Shay Savage is now LIVE on all platforms! ❄
This is a standalone romantic suspense.
#OutnumberedPromo #NewRelease #BuyNow
#RomanticSuspense #MultiplePersonalities

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I’m not exactly the social type. After spending most of my formative years in prison, I prefer an isolated existence in the wilderness of Canada’s Northwest Territories, making what little cash I need guiding tourists to the best hunting grounds. I have no desire for company; I crave solitude instead, especially during the subarctic winter months, but what am I supposed to do when I come across a woman in distress? I can’t just leave her to die in the cold, and a storm is on the way.

So now we are confined to my secluded cabin, and I quickly realize there’s something not quite right about Seri—or is her name Netti? She switches moods faster than a snowshoe hare changes direction. In fact, I’m starting to think there’s more than one person behind the mystifying woman’s intense, green eyes.

Physically, only two of us are trapped inside the rustic cabin, but I still feel outnumbered.
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Stolen written and performed by Pot & Kettle (feat. Allie Carter), the music video and book trailer for the song based on the book Stolas by Randi Cooley Wilson, is NOW LIVE!
#Stolen #Stolas #Pot&Kettle #MusicVideo #DemonsDen

Video Link: (add video link)

Song Purchase Links (Stolen was written and performed EXCLUSIVELY for the book Stolas and is based on the Dark Soul Series!)
Google Play:
Listen on Spotify:

About the Book:

An ancient legend draws them together.
His dark soul will tear them apart.
Sometimes the only fairytales that exist are the dark ones.

For the past two years, Hope Annandale has fought to hold onto her sanity. Plagued by voices and visions, she struggles to understand what’s real, and what’s an illusion. As the lines between reality and hallucination blur, Hope discovers things that shouldn’t be real, suddenly exist. When Hope’s world falls apart, figuring out the secrets of her past becomes a matter of life and death. And the only one who can save her is the dangerously attractive demon prince, who is bound by an ancient legacy to betray her. The fate Stone has fought to escape is here. With destiny on one side, and desire on the other, Stone must protect Hope from the one thing he can’t hide from, his birthright.

What if the one person you were meant to be with could never be yours? Stolas, the first novel in the Dark Soul series is a riveting tale of passion, danger and forbidden love. Intended for mature readers.

Book Purchase Links:
Amazon: B&N:
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LOOK what is LIVE!!!
I know what I am reading tonight!!!

A note from the author:


I am so, so excited to tell you that THE DANDELION is live! I loved everything about this story, from the way it began as a dream to the way I cried a few times as I wrote it. This book has some of the most real and raw and wounded characters I've ever fallen in love with, but I think that's why I love them so much. And I truly believe you will, too, but I want to implore you to TRUST ME. Trust me that, although there are obstacles and struggles that cut to the heart of every woman, this book is one of love and hope and friendship and selflessness of epic proportions. Trust me to bring you closure and happiness, the kind we all have to work for, but the kind that's made all the more special because we have to work for it.

Give this book a try. Give this love a try. Give this HOPE a try:) I sincerely hope you adore the story as much as I do!


"A true must read"

"A breathtaking story"

"I just could NOT. STOP. READING."

"The Dandelion is simply……..BEAUTIFUL!!!"

"It was worth every single minute."

"Read it. it."


At thirty-five, Abigail Simmons has mastered only one thing—running. When tragedy strikes, she runs. This time her urge to flee brings Abi back to her hometown, where she hopes she can find the peace she’s always searched for. That hope is dashed when Abi’s ex, Sam Forrester, bumps his way back into her life.

Sam has flourished in ways Abi hasn’t. From the outside, he has it all—a successful medical practice, a beautiful daughter, and a charming wife.

Who is dying.

Sara Forrester is dying and her final wish is for Sam to find love again so she can meet the woman who will finish raising her daughter and grow old with her husband. Abi seems like the perfect fit, but what Sara doesn’t know is that Abi has a secret, a secret no one could guess.

And it’s a deal breaker.



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Check out this Cover for Author Mia Miller!
Love, On Holdy by Mia Miller, is COMING SOON.
#LoveOnHold #NewAdult #Romance #SweetLove

Book Info
Title: Love, On Hold
Author: Mia Miller
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 26, 2018
Cover Designer: Marisa-rose Wesley from Cover Me, Darling

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== About the Book ==

We both put love on hold until now. How long will love wait for us?

Three-forty-five in the morning: unknown number calling.
Send the stranger on their way and go back to sleep, right? Except – his gruff voice made me think twice.

I was a small girl with big dreams. I juggled college, charity, and a job while dodging an annoying ex. Getting to know a guy? That was way down on my list. So I had every intention of ignoring sexy Joel Thomas when he woke me up.

But he wouldn’t let me. When did texting and calling turn into feelings? We kept our identities a secret and didn’t see each other. Yet, we fell in love.

Will our chemistry stand the test of reality?
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