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Keegan West
Volunteer, and Digital Artist
Volunteer, and Digital Artist

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You've said many times you're implementing global categories. Is this even close to being done? I'd like to start using the app again if it's happening in the next month. 

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Pray with us during Hajj! #hajj  

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Okay, so looking through the feed there is a number of requests for things like categories, budgets, overviews, etc. to span wallets. I might have an idea?

Instead of solving each problem separately and changing the way you guys have set up the app (because I can see why people would like to have budgets or categories or overviews in different wallets), why don't you give us the ability to select wallets that we want affected by the change.

For example, I go to budgets and I add a budget, I put the budget in, select the category, and then tick off the wallets that share this particular budget. Would this work? That way certain budgets or categories or overviews could span some wallets and not others, or just one, or across everything.

So with that in mind maybe a poll for you guys? CBO = categories, budgets, and Overviews 
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CBO, per wallet (like now)
CBO, across all wallets no matter what
Choice as to which wallet CBO affects.

Can we please have budgets that are for the total, not just individual wallets?

Love Moneylover! 

Could we please have reoccurring daily budgets please?? That would be so nice... 

Right now, categories are set within a wallet. Is it possible that we could have Categories span across the wallets? That way if there's a category that we need for multiple wallets, we don't need to remember to create them for every wallet 

I'm sure this has been suggested, just delete this if so. Can we have the option to see all the data for all the accounts? So in trends and overviews (like the fancy piegraph) we can only view individual wallets, but can we have the option to see all the wallets combined with the current exchange rate merging the values?? 

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I proposed! Keen to check out what the heck happened!?

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#colorforall  Wow! this is beautiful!
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