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New AOSP based 4.3 camera on my 4.1.1 Motorola Atrix HD, but no photosphere.
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8 Megapixel, its awesome for a cellphone.
I can't install con my s3 4.2.2 ROM liquid smooth
"liquid smooth" Do you mean <<facilmente>>?
i mean the version of rom that i´m using on my S3
+Keegan Choffat man you made me spit out my coffee with your 'fácilmente' comment. Awesome. I too have LiquidSmooth ROM 2.9 and can't install the apk. It worked on 2.8 if I remember correctly. 
I'm using ICS and I too don't have photosphere..
Could be part of my problem. I updated from ICS OTA.
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