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I have had dozens of friends suspended from Google+.

Some were using their real names and thought it was insane that they'd have to send a scan of their driver's license to some stranger at Google in order to prove they were who they said they were. So when Google told them to show it or leave, they left.

Some I have known for years on other social networks by the name they were using here, but they couldn't prove to Google that it was a name they were commonly known by, so they were ejected.

Some I know offline, by their pseudonym, or only by their first name (maybe real, maybe not, I don't know or care) and they also had no way to prove that their name was their common identity, and for reasons of family, work or community; for reasons of persecution, harassment or discrimination, they could not safely use their legal names online, so they too were suspended.

And some I met here on Google+, and had friendly and educational discussions with before Google decided that they hurt the image of this social network and threw them out.

All of them are gone. Many wouldn't come back even if Google allowed them…they no longer trust Google with their personal data.

Feel free to cut and paste if you share this post and don't have your own story to add.

+Sai .
Sai (saizai) originally shared:
Have you or one of your friends been adversely affected by Google+'s name policy? If yes, please share this post and say how.

If you see one of your friends post this, but you haven't been affected personally, please take a moment to share their story.
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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
(Meta question on the UI... why can't I share YOUR post, Kee? Bad design...)
+JB Segal Yeah. I would defibitely like that as an option. I did consider linking to Sai's post instead; but then you couldn't see all of his.
People are submitting these posts as bug reports through the feedback button, right?

Funny how this all ties together... I can't submit feedback. On account of my name. I feel like an illegal immigrant who has just been robbed. I can't go to the cops, man. They'll send me back to Facebook.
+Zukey Badtouch FWIW. I've been assured by Googlers that the feedback folks don't report names to the name compliance folks. That said, I agree that reporting realnames themselves as a problem when you aren't using one feels rather borderline. I probably wouldn't take the chance either.
I'm just keeping my involvement here low. They don't want me, but no one knows me by my wallet name. Funny thing is, I have used this name on the net for longer that Google has existed. They are the new kids on the block, IMO, and should not have the right to set the rules for the net, regardless of how much cash have. They act like a bunch of spoiled, privileged 20-somethings.
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