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Overcoming discrimination to become a programmer.

A little over sixty years ago, a young, intelligent black woman named Gwen was graduating from Allenby Junior Public School in Toronto. Her teacher provided her with a notice telling her where to attend secondary school the following Autumn, and she carefully carried it to her home on St. Clements Avenue, in an area that was affordable and populated by young, middle-class families.

Lois read the notice and was dumbfounded. Gwen was being sent across town to a trade school, the kind of place that taught young women how to sew, cook, and type while it taught young men how to repair automobiles or pour concrete. ❞
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That was so inspirational! Thanks a lot for sharing! :)
Thank you for that. It's still not easy in certain industries to get any respect or work if you are a woman.
Though interestingly, a few decades ago there used to be a much greater number of women programmers.
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