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Special treatment for cops accused of murdering Freddie Gray.

Allowed to turn self in, turn in time set so they could get bail before seeing judge, lower bail, trial within six months.

In the meantime other people accused of murder sit in jail with no hope of bail and then are released after a year with no charges, and even protesters get higher bail requirements.
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Kee Hinckley

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Domestic extremists across the U.S. have been doing a pretty good job of terrorizing their fellow citizens.
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Kee Hinckley

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Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for calling it what it is with no qualifiers. But...

I'd be a little more impressed if you hadn't been one of the ones spreading lies about Planned Parenthood in the first place.
Mike Huckabee responded to Hillary Clinton with, "Terrorists cut people's heads off, and that's what they do in the Planned Parent clinics"
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Public condemnation and private encouragement.
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Kee Hinckley

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If I'm in a web browser on iOS, and I share a web page to Google+ using the standard Apple share functionality, and in my comment about the share, I paste in some text which contains a link to something else, Google+ tosses away the web page I was sharing and instead makes the share about the link in the text. That seems extremely wrong.
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It's getting more n more that way.
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Kee Hinckley

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Oh look. Another tortured white man whose motives are being analyzed.

I don't have a problem with that. Analyzing a terrorist's motives is critically important in understanding how to prevent future terrorism. But when it's done with Muslim terrorists the people doing it are called apologists and unpatriotic at best, and threatened at worst. And it sure as hell doesn't get done in headlines by the mainstream press.

But congrats to those who created a documentary that lied about what Planned Parenthood did. This guy believed you and committed murder on your behalf. There weren't any Muslims celebrating 9/11 on the rooftops in New Jersey, but I bet those so-called Christians were cheering this.
I just want to note that +The New York Times is running this as a headline. About a terrorist. 

I've got a more serious article brewing in my head about the entire situation – not merely the attack in Colorado Springs, but the attack in Minneapolis a week before, and the fact that there's a rising tide of terrorism within the US which both the media and the government seem determined to ignore – but that's not for tonight.

Right now, I just want to point out that when members of the radicalized far right in the US commit terrorist acts, they get human-interest pieces about their lives. Compare this, for a moment, to the stories we get when Muslims commit terrorist acts abroad (since they almost never do in the US): "should we expel all refugees?" Or the stories when an unarmed black man is gunned down, analyzing what he did that made someone shoot him.

And note that the radicalized far right has been the source of nearly all the terrorist attacks in the US for the past century and a half: the exceptions can be counted. (Anarchist and communist terrorism in the early 20th century; a few incidents from the radicalized far left in the 1960's; and 9/11) Yet this is how we choose to set our priorities.

Nor is the NYT alone in this; we have the Washington Post with the headline "Alleged Colorado gunman was adrift and alienated," showing off the editor's tic of saying "alleged" as an apotropaic talisman against libel suits; mercifully, that article is about how it was quite clear that he was a frightening and dangerous person for some time. But the article immediately next to it explains that "not until much more is known about alleged gunman Robert Lewis Dear Jr. and his motivations will the political implications of his actions become clear." (Have you ever seen this applied to a terrorist act elsewhere? Whence this benefit of the doubt?)

I won't even describe what's going on in the right-wing press, or on Twitter; look in to that particular pit of despair at your own risk. Let's just say that it's clear that there's a substantial fraction of the population which favors terrorism as well, and the news media is apparently split between "beholden to them" and "pusillanimous."

If I had not already been disappointed nearly beyond repair at the common sense of the editorial teams of many of our major newspapers, this would have done me in. 
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And we've finally got a response from some of the Republican candidates. All in the form of "it's horrible, but <insert lies about Planned Parenthood>"
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Kee Hinckley

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"Gee, I wonder what would happen if you gave an otherwise-democratic government plenary power to arrest and imprison people without due process!"

For those unaware of it, that's exactly what the French parliament did in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, granting the President a 3-month state of emergency during which he has the power to arbitrarily suspend the rights to assembly and speech, removes the need for search warrants, and to place people under indefinite house arrest without trial.

And in a development which I'm certain will shock everyone, this has been used not merely to hunt for terrorists, but also to ban all protest at the climate summit scheduled to happen in Paris this week, and to imprison known political activists and opponents.

So if you were wondering "how much does it take to turn François Hollande into Vladimir Putin," there's your answer.

(And yes, I know that Hollande is nowhere near Putin's, shall we say, direct leadership style. But it apparently took Hollande less than two weeks to move from putative democracy to imprisoning political opponents; given this, I'd estimate that his internal brakes on such things are almost entirely nonexistent.)
French police arrest activists for flouting ban on organising protests during climate talks next week
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Kee Hinckley

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Signal boosting - Tuskegee Heirs. An awesome sci-fi futuristic story featuring young aviators who are Earth's last defense:

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Kee Hinckley

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Y U no soup meme?
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Just celebrated the fifth anniversary of meeting the most wonderful woman in the world.

Thank you +Mollie Pepper for finding me, saving me, putting up with me, and loving me. I love you always.

Yummy stuff!

smoked bluefish, horseradish, pickled mustard seed

brussels sprouts, peanut, fish sauce, mint

baby carrots, pickled quail eggs, rye crumble

seasonal preserves, spiced nuts

muller cider affogato, brown butter ice cream

And we might have tasted.

tequila, punt e mes, lemon, elderflower

In the Weeds
campari, cocchi americano, orange bitters

Apple Jack Old Fashioned
Apple Jack, Rittenhauser, Bitters

Apple Mint Uncouth Vermouth

Art of the Conversation
rye, ancho chile liqueur, creme de cacao

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Congratulations to you both!
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One Muslim resident of Colorado is wondering when all white Christians will denounce the perpetrator of the Planned Parenthood Shooting.
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+Robert Ketterman Bullshit.

Islam conquers and governs through terror and tyrannical religious law (sharia).  It only takes a few trips to the mosques, and few satanic verses to turn "moderates" into serial killers.

That is a condemnation of a religion, not of actions.
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I just shared a post whose title I didn't agree with, assuming that would be obvious from the comments in the the original post. Unfortunately G+ moved those comments below the post title and showed just two lines of them.

I really wish Google would stop trying to turn this into a title and image sharing app and give priority to commentary.

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+Brian Holt Hawthorne Known bug at least. Weird oversight though. Custom text field I think
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I create things using code, words, and ideas.
Fascinated by the boundaries of technology and social behavior.
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Fascinated by the boundaries of technology and social behavior.
25+ yrs doing tech startups. BA in Anthropology. Worked at Apollo/Wildfire/USWeb/TiVo…Daughter Shadi Fotouhi at Mass Art (game design) and Shireen Hinckley is a freelance movie/TV editor in LA (hire her, she's amazing!). Partner Mollie Pepper does awesome work focused on violence, gender, and borders.

Don't completely believe my current location. I'm still primarily in Somerville, MA, but will be migrating to La Conner, WA next summer.

Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views . . . Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society.
1995 Supreme Court ruling in McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission

There's no way on Google+ for me to create a page of my favorite posts, so FWIW:
Who is hurt by the "real names" policy? A summary.

I'm a middle aged, American, white guy; why is name privacy so important to me?

On Pseudonymity, Privacy and Responsibility on Google+. This covers every argument against pseudonyms that I have heard, and gives lots of examples of real people whom Google doesn't believe are worth allowing here.

Read two bloggers talking about what it's like to get a dozen or so threats of physical violence every week…from people who have found out where you live.
and what it's like when your business gets destroyed by someone spreading lies and creating fake web sites.

On privilege, a word I always used to hate.

How Google needs to fix "common name" enforcement.

It's Google's service, why do I feel I have a right to ask them to change?

How has the internet changed what it means to be "public"? (At the end of an example of the importance of anonymity in influencing scientific change.)

Why is Google hiding their "real name" requirement from new users?

For more good information on the debate about controlling who knows your wallet name, see the web page "Who is Harmed by a Real Name's Policy" and the site For more on the ethical issues surrounding requiring legal names, the Oxford University blog, "Practical Ethics", expands on the idea here:
Please consider everything I write on Google+ as licensable under the Creative Commons Attribution License

I founded or cofounded seven of the ten startups I’ve been involved in. I have dealt with everything from financing (VC pitches, finding private investors, cutting deals with corporate investors, and by-the-bootstraps) to marketing and sales, public presentations, tutorials, panels and standards committees. On the technical side I have ranged from pure development, to managing development and IT groups, to providing architecture and technology solutions for developers. I believe in flat hierarchies, well-defined processes, and building fun corporate cultures.

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Scheduled an appointment within two hours of when I called and was prompt when I arrived. (Hint, don't use the parking lot side door, go in the front.)
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Small rooms, but cute and a lovely lobby. And two USB power outlets by the bed!
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