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I really have to wonder what the artist was thinking. And what is *she* thinking? That expression is something else.
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Red-heads. Always trouble... ;-)
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Kee Hinckley

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Fascinating results from a study of the blood of one the worlds longest living women.
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Countess Bathory, the doctor will see you now...
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Kee Hinckley

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Is intelligently life a planetary virus that is doomed to self-destruct? The more planets we find, the more likely that scenario is.
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+Noah Friedman Exactly. Exercise for the reader, compare the ERP of all anthropogenic EM emissions with the ERP of emissions from Sol and Jupiter. For references, see and
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Kee Hinckley

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And with that, Net Neutrality looks like a lost cause.
Open Internet advocates are calling foul on new rules, which would allow broadband companies to strike special deals for preferential treatment
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Kee Hinckley

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In a major licensing deal, HBO will offer its biggest original series including The Sopranos and Big Love to Amazon Prime customers as part of an exclusive agreement reached between the two parties Wednesday. ❞
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Via Anonymous: From 9/11/2001 to present, police have killed more Americans than terrorists. Over 5,000 US citizens have been murdered by police. #MyNYPD
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Kee Hinckley

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“Instead, fracking companies try to force out of court settlements that gag the harmed family as a condition for financial compensation. They almost always succeed, hiding from the public the proof of fracking’s dangers. Consequently, industry and government continue claiming fracking is harmless.”

You really can't trust an industry that successfully lobbies to disallow even looking at the safety of their actions.

Right up their with the coal tar industry making itself exempt from paying into cleanup funds.
Lisa Parr and her daughter, Emma, are pictured in 2011. This week, the family was awarded about $3 million in the nation’s (U.S.) first #fracking trial. Video screenshot: Fox 4 . It took three years, but a Texas family finally emerged victorious in a case that could long impact fracking companies and the impact they have on the communities in which they operate.

A Dallas jury favored the Parr family, which sued Aruba Petroleum back in 2011 after experiencing an array of health issues attorneys argued were the result of dozens of gas wells in the area. The family was awarded nearly $3 million in what attorneys believe was the first-ever fracking trial in U.S. history. “They’re vindicated,” family attorney David Matthews wrote in a blog post. “I’m really proud of the family that went through what they went through and said, ‘I’m not going to take it anymore’. It takes guts to say, ‘I’m going to stand here and protect my family from an invasion of our right to enjoy our property.’

“It’s not easy to go through a lawsuit and have your personal life uncovered and exposed to the extent this family went through.”

The family lives in Wise County, which is surrounded by gas wells from Aruba Petroleum and other firms. Bob, Lisa and their young daughter, Emma, all noticed the deterioration of their health in the months after fracking operations begin in the immediate area, some time in 2008. Lisa reported breathing difficulties, nausea and headaches, while Bob said he began having about three nosebleeds per week, compared to the rest of the 50-year-old’s life.

“We can’t drink our well water,” Bob Parr told FOX 4 of the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2011. “We can’t breathe the air without getting sick.”

Young Emma also suffered nosebleeds, along with rashes and nausea. She was soon diagnosed with asthma. The Parr’s lawsuit certainly wasn’t the first lawsuit brought against an energy company for fracking-related health issues, however most plaintiffs are paid off with stern gag orders. In 2013, The Observer-Reporter in southwest Pennsylvania reported that Range Resources paid a family living near the Marcellus Shale wells $750,000 in a settlement that the company initially wanted to keep quiet.

The Parr victory could be a game-changer.

“When evidence of fracking’s impacts are shown to an impartial jury in a court of law, they find them to be real and significant,” Earthworks Energy Program Director Bruce Baizel wrote in a statement. “And it shows why the fracking industry is reluctant to allow lawsuits of this type to go to trial.

“Instead, fracking companies try to force out of court settlements that gag the harmed family as a condition for financial compensation. They almost always succeed, hiding from the public the proof of fracking’s dangers. Consequently, industry and government continue claiming fracking is harmless.”

According to MSNBC, Aruba Petroleum plans to appeal the jury’s decision. Since there are dozens of other operations  in the area, the company argued that it was impossible to know which well or wells caused the family’s injuries. Other companies settled with the Parrs.

“We hope this lawsuit will make regulators, in Texas and around the country, reexamine their assumptions about fracking’s dangers, and their responsibility to keep the public safe,” Baizel said.
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Kee Hinckley

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The Obama administration has lost a high-stakes lawsuit brought against it by the New York Times and the ACLU over its refusal to divulge the legal basis for its extrajudicial assassination program against US citizens.
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You would imagine that any state assassinating people of any nationality outside of a battleground, had to be justified.

It is pretty depressing to see how the only questions asked are about the assassination of US citizens.
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Kee Hinckley

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Reading news online over the past year, I came to realize that more or less every story now includes a beautiful woman. Tucked into modules with names like "around the web" or "you might like,"...
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I'm going to heed the obvious warning and just not click that. 
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Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views . . . Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society.
1995 Supreme Court ruling in McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission

There's no way on Google+ for me to create a page of my favorite posts, so FWIW:
Who is hurt by the "real names" policy? A summary.

I'm a middle aged, American, white guy; why is name privacy so important to me?

On Pseudonymity, Privacy and Responsibility on Google+. This covers every argument against pseudonyms that I have heard, and gives lots of examples of real people whom Google doesn't believe are worth allowing here.

Read two bloggers talking about what it's like to get a dozen or so threats of physical violence every week…from people who have found out where you live.
and what it's like when your business gets destroyed by someone spreading lies and creating fake web sites.

On privilege, a word I always used to hate.

How Google needs to fix "common name" enforcement.

It's Google's service, why do I feel I have a right to ask them to change?

How has the internet changed what it means to be "public"? (At the end of an example of the importance of anonymity in influencing scientific change.)

Why is Google hiding their "real name" requirement from new users?

For more good information on the debate about controlling who knows your wallet name, see the web page "Who is Harmed by a Real Name's Policy" and the site For more on the ethical issues surrounding requiring legal names, the Oxford University blog, "Practical Ethics", expands on the idea here:
Please consider everything I write on Google+ as licensable under the Creative Commons Attribution License

I founded or cofounded seven of the ten startups I’ve been involved in. I have dealt with everything from financing (VC pitches, finding private investors, cutting deals with corporate investors, and by-the-bootstraps) to marketing and sales, public presentations, tutorials, panels and standards committees. On the technical side I have ranged from pure development, to managing development and IT groups, to providing architecture and technology solutions for developers. I believe in flat hierarchies, well-defined processes, and building fun corporate cultures.

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