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#Akademy , the #KDE community summit, is happening in just a few weeks, from the 30 of June to the 6 of July, in #Tallinn , #Estonia . The Akademy Organizing Team is pleased to welcome this year's Akademy sponsors whose support is critical to the success of the conference.

Platinum sponsors:
+Blue Systems

Silver sponsors:
+Digia Plc

Bronze sponsors:

Other supporters:
+froglogic GmbH
Red Flag Software

Media partner:
Linux Magazine
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Who is this nefarious 'Blue Systems' really? Other than a really cool and ambiguous corporate name, I mean. :-)
+Mark Shelby While I can't tell you 'who' exactly they are, I do know that Blue Systems have been ardent supporters of KDE, and if I'm not wrong, they are the sole reason that we will be seeing a Kubuntu 12.10 (hopefully) :)
+Mark Shelby i'm not affiliated with them, but i have met and spoke with the owners/funders. saw them @ cebit in fact. they are nice people imho, and their actions have been of the good sort. most importantly, they are investing in our future. i assume if they wanted more personal attention, they'd wave themselves around in public.

may ask why you ask: simple curiosity, or something more?
Nah, simple curiosity. I was kidding about them being nefarious. I hope they contribute a lot of good to the community.
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