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Today (November 27, 2012) is the 15th birthday of +KDE e.V. eingetragener Verein; registered association), the legal entity which represents +The KDE® Community in legal and financial matters. We interviewed two of the founding members (Matthias and Matthias) on the why, what and when of KDE e.V. in the beginning. Tomorrow, emeritus board member Mirko Böhm shares his thoughts. On Thursday there will be interviews with current e.V. Board members.
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Happy bday! Hope you're having lots of cake wherever you are in the world! :D
+Nino Caric  no KDE is awesome fast with 4 GB(x64) of ram and good  graphic card
Happy birthday KDE!!! It's always been my favorite DE! :-)
Happy birthday KDE!!! The best forever!!!
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